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Laundry Room Ideas for Organisation

Make the most of your space with our laundry room decor and organisation tips.


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Steps to Organising Your Laundry Room

Organise your space with these laundry room ideas:

  • Use multiple laundry bins to separate darks, whites, and colours.

  • Save space on storage with a DIY laundry cart.

  • Use open, square shelves for easy access.

  • Create a wall hanging for your door for small rooms.

Having a laundry room in your home has lots of benefits. From keeping your dirty clothes out of the way to having a space where you can wash everything from your shirts to your socks, it really is a great idea! To make sure yours is organised, we’ve put together all of our top small laundry room ideas so you can create a space you love.

Add jars and wicker baskets to your laundry room decor for stylish storage solutions, so you can get rid of bulky boxes.

Multiple Laundry Bins

When it comes to laundry room design ideas, you can make your space more efficient by keeping three different laundry bins. Label them for whites, darks, and colours - that way you and your family can separate your dirty clothing as you go, making it a lot easier to load up the washing machine. You should also opt for bins with lids, helping to keep dirty laundry out of sight and your room looking spotless.

DIY Small Laundry Room Cart

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Laundry area designs often have to be space-saving because there is limited space available in these rooms. A DIY cart is a perfect example of the type of feature you can add to make the most of this as it can fit in the gap between your washing machine and cupboards - or anywhere else there’s a narrow gap.

Create a basic wooden laundry cart for your cleaning products and accessories then put it on wheels so it can slide in and out easily. Add a handle so you can pull it out without trouble.

Square Shelving

Make the most of your wall space and add a modern look to your room with square, open box shelving. You can completely cover a wall or have just a few shelving boxes for a more minimal look. Fill your shelves with jars of detergent, baskets for pegs, and anything else that’ll fit with your laundry room design. The open design makes it far easier to see and grab what you need, helping you cut down on your laundry time!

Small Laundry Room Ideas: Door Storage

When it comes to DIY small laundry room ideas, a lot of people forget the space on the back of their door but it definitely shouldn’t be underestimated! You can attach hooks or wire racks, giving you extra storage space that doesn’t take up much room. You could even create your own door hanging by sewing pockets onto a length of fabric - simple!

If you’re looking for laundry room ideas to suit your needs, take a look at your space and see where you’re struggling. Once you’ve optimised your room, make sure to take a look at our tips on how to make laundry easier to really take control of your household chores.

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