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Laundry Tips For Millennials

Listen-up Millennials! Here is everything you need to know about taking care of your laundry with Skip.


Young woman sorting dirty clothes while sitting on the floor near the washing machine at home

Whether you love it or loathe it, washing clothes is an inevitable part of adulting. With this in mind, Skip Washing Liquid has got some ideas on how Millennials can level-up their laundry skills quick-quick.

Sort by Colour And By Weight

Take your laundry basket and divide the clothes into piles. The dark colour and light colours should be grouped together and washed separately from each other. It also helps to separate laundry by weight. For example, washing heavier clothes with towels will ensure similar drying times and prevent your delicates from becoming stretched or torn because of other heavier clothes in the load.

It Is Possible To Overdose On Detergent

Yes, there is such a thing as too much soap. Whether you use liquid detergent or washing powder, make sure you use the correct dose of washing product for the laundry load you have. Too much soap will leave clothes feeling sticky and actually increase their propensity to pick up dirt because the soapy residue hasn’t been rinsed out properly. Always use the correct amount of Skip washing powder and you’ll always get good results.

Clean The Filters

Make a point of cleaning your lint filter every couple of months. It allows for better airflow through the machine and optimises its efficiency.

Skip The Tumble Drier

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Tumble driers are hot, which means that clothes can shrink easily and some fabrics don’t do well in heat at all. The ideal is to air-dry your laundry on the line, which is eco-friendly and better for your clothes.

Iron In The Shower

No one likes ironing, right? Skip ironing by hanging clothes outside of your shower while you’re having a wash. Just make sure the door stays closed to trap the wrinkle-removing steam in the bathroom. It takes about 15 minutes of steaming to get the “just ironed” effect. But remember, use water wisely!

For more laundry care tips, visit Skip today.

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