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Put your energy into life, not laundry

Put your energy into life, not laundry


OMO and Bosch products and logos, text: "Do More Life"

Why Bosch?

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Bosch washing machines are designed for your life. Constant innovation keeps Bosch at the forefront of sustainable, lifestyle-focused appliance design. With a Bosch washing machine, laundry is simple, fast and efficient, leaving you more time to do life. Bosch is Europe’s leading household appliances manufacturer and has a global reputation for excellent quality and reliability. “Invented for life” is a heartfelt conviction that drives Bosch to consistently develop innovations to serve people. This means giving you peace of mind in your daily life, making laundry day easier and less intrusive so that you can get on with the things that mean more to you.

OMO and Bosch products and logos, text: "Do More LIFE"

Bosch washing machines

No matter which Bosch washing machine you buy, you can count on Bosch’s high quality standards and innovative features to make life easier. Bosch offers washing machines in a range of drum sizes to suit every need. The smaller 7kg drum is perfect for singles up to a 3-person family, while larger families will find the 8, 9 or 10kg drum more suitable. Browse the full range to find the right one for you.

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Bosch features

The EcoSilence Drive™ delivers an extremely energy-efficient and quiet operation. It works without brushes to eliminate mechanical stress, friction and wear. This makes it quieter, better at washing, and more durable. The EcoSilence Drive™ is one of the quietest motors in its class, and proof that less can indeed be more. For an even quieter laundry experience, all Bosch machines include AntiVibration™ Design. Stabilisers in the side walls of the machine reduce vibrations, which is both quieter and better for your machine’s longevity.

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Bosch’s VarioDrum design is gentle on your clothes, giving you the ultimate in garment care.

Perhaps our favourite feature from Bosch is the Reload Function. Bosch Reload washing machines allow you to open the machine mid-cycle to add or remove items. Just press the Start Reload button and the washing machine will check whether it’s safe to open. If the machine is in the middle of a wash it will stop, drain and then safely unlock – all in a few seconds.

All Bosch washing machines are designed to treat your garments with care, so that they are properly cleaned and last for longer. Bosch delivers powerful cleaning while being gentle on your clothes. To compliment that superior washing power, when you buy a Bosch washing machine, you can get 3 free bottles of OMO Auto Washing Liquid, tough on stains but gentle on your clothes.

Trust OMO

At OMO, we believe that dirt is good. Dirt is what happens when you’re living life, getting out and doing the things you love. You shouldn’t have to hold back on life to prevent clothes from getting dirty. With OMO, you don’t have to. OMO cleans even very tough stains by penetrating into the fibres of your clothing.

OMO Auto Liquid product range, text: "Tough Stain Removal in a Quick Wash"

For a quick wash that tackles even tough stains, trust OMO Auto Washing Liquid. This powerful stain remover works even when you’re using a faster wash function. OMO Auto liquid removes dirt and stains even when you’re using eco-friendly washing functions with cooler water.

OMO is a beloved South African brand because it can be relied on to remove stains and leave clothes clean and fresh. OMO's active cleaning powders, liquids and capsules are formulated with deep cleaning enzymes so that you get the most out of every wash.

Don’t waste time watching washing go round and round when you could be doing the things you love. With OMO x Bosch, you can trust that your laundry will be washed efficiently, effectively and thoroughly.

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