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The New Surf Total Hygiene Bleach and Its Uses

Surf has a new Total Hygiene Bleach. Read more on its uses.


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The New Surf Total Hygiene Bleach

New to the market, Surf Total Hygiene Bleach is an exciting new formulation from Surf that has been formulated to offer you deep cleaning properties from a brand you already know and trust. Let’s learn more about the Surf bleach range, what it can do, how best to use it, and why you should look at buying Surf Total Hygiene Bleach for your home.

How to Confidently Clean Your Home With Surf Bleach

Cleaning your home with confidence, starts with having the right products. Thanks to the introduction of the new multi-purpose thick bleach from Surf, you'll definitely feel confident enough to clean the whole house many times over.

At Cleanipedia, we love a new product on the market, because it allows us to put it through its paces and test just what it can do. We've taken the Surf multi-purpose cleaner and tried it on just about every surface, including on laundry, and it’s yielded great results. Read on to find out more.

Is Surf Bleach for Laundry or Household Use?

Surf multi-purpose bleach is a thick bleach that has been formulated to keep toilets, bathrooms, and a multitude of other surfaces in the home, hygienically clean. It has been developed to predominantly clean surfaces in your home that require the deepest, most hygienic clean but it can be used as a stain-remover for laundry too.

When using a thick bleach on laundry, always make sure you follow the guidelines on instructions for use to get the best results. Always dilute your bleach product in water first before putting the clothing or laundry in, never add bleach directly to clothing.

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How to Use Surf Bleach?

When using the Surf bleach range, you have the option of using the product in two ways.

For Soiled Surfaces

For soiled surfaces in the bathroom, like mould or mildew in the shower or stained toilets, and in the kitchen, like stained tiles and grouting, we recommend spraying a small amount of the thick bleach directly to the soiled area. Leave the bleach on for a few minutes and then wash it off. Proceed to follow the next suggestion, for mild cleaning, after that.

For Mild Cleaning

For a general, hygienic clean of bathrooms, toilets, showers, and other suitable surfaces, it is wise to dilute the bleach in a bucket of warm water. We recommend ½ to ¾ cup of bleach to 5L of water. Using a good quality mop or cloth, simply wash the area with the water and bleach and leave to dry.

Surf Total Hygiene Bleach comes in two wonderful scents; lavender and lemon. The bleach is available in 750ml bottles which can be recycled. Try the new Surf Total Bleach range today in either lemon or lavender variants, we guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

For more information on all the latest Surf products that will help you, your clothes, and your home shine, visit Surf today.

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