Out Of Home Tips: Home Exterior Cleaning

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Updated 9 February 2023


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Out Of Home Tips: Home Exterior Cleaning

Tips on Cleaning the Exterior of a Home

Did you know that keeping the exterior of your home spic and span is as important as the inside? That includes keeping exterior areas like windows sparkling clean and those dreaded outside drains unblocked too.

We feature two products in this article that are great for outside house cleaning - and what’s more, they can be used inside too. Here are the first two, in our series of Out of Home Cleaning Tips for you to enjoy.

Outside House Cleaning

How to Clean the Exterior of Your House?

From outdoor mirrors and glass to windows and doors, keeping your glass products from looking dusty and dirty is a weekly occurrence for many of us. Thanks to Handy Andy Window & Glass Cleaner, you’ll get a streak-free, sparkling clean for all your outdoor glass areas. We recommend using the product bi-weekly, but in the rainy season (when more splashing and dirt build-up can occur on your windows and doors) we recommend using the product more often.

Not sure how to clean your windows correctly? We’ve got you covered! Read our article on How To Clean Your Windows and you’ll be set.

How to Care for Your Yard?

Yard cleaning entails a lot more than just gardening. We’ve got some exciting gardening tips such as Backyard Garden Ideas to make your backyard the best place to be this festive season, tips on hosting a summer garden party, and even some practical guides on cleaning a braai grid. To make sure your summer plans go off without any blockers, we have the best tips to take care of that outside drain and make sure it isn’t blocked or smelly.

Domestos is a powerful bleaching product that is a great choice for unblocking drains and most especially getting those drains not to smell. You can use Domestos both on indoor and outdoor drains for great results. Here’s how:

  • Remove the covers of the outdoor drains and take any debris that you can see out of the drain area itself – we recommend using a good pair of gloves to protect your hands for this job.

  • Pour a generous amount of Domestos bleach down, into and around the drain area and leave for 10 – 15 minutes.

  • Flush hot water down the drain or use a bucket of water or a hosepipe if more pressure is needed.

Keep your eyes peeled on this section of our website for more exciting home exterior cleaning tips to come. For more cleaning tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia today.

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