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How to Clean Block Paving

Block paving is a popular choice for many South African homeowners because it’s functional, needs very little maintenance, and looks good too. However, it is one of those parts of the outside of the home that needs regular cleaning, which can be a daunting task.


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How To Clean Block Paving

We’ve created this ultimate guide on how to clean block paving. All you need is a few supplies, tools, and the right detergents to get the job done right.

What Is Block Paving?

Commonly known as brick paving, block paving is a decorative way of laying bricks in a variety of patterns most commonly for driveways, pathways, and other outdoor paths. Brick paving is a great choice for the outdoors, especially in South Africa, because it is incredibly weather resistant. Come rain or shine, your block paving can look pretty much as good as new, if you know the best way to clean block paving from the moment you install it.

5 Simple Steps to Clean Your Block Paving

If you want to know how to clean a block paving driveway or pathway - that won’t need to take you hours or days - simply follow these five easy steps to removing dirt, mud, mould, and other residue from your block paving.

#1 – Start with A General Clean

If you clean your paving once a month, this is a good enough time frame to ensure that deep stains and mould don’t set in. All you need to do is give the paving a good sweep with a hard-bristled broom. You can use any kind of broom that is designed for the outdoors, if the bristles are relatively hard so that it can pick up as much dirt and debris as possible.

Once you’ve swept the driveway or pathway, it’s time to clean it. Mix a solution of water and a mild dishwashing soap, like Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid. Use the same hard-bristled brush to scrub the detergent into the paving making sure you get in between all the cracks and grooves.

#2 – Time for The Weed Killer

If you’re struggling with unsightly weeds popping up in between the grooves of your paving, then apply a good quality weed killer between the joints to prevent any weeds or unwanted grass from coming through. If you don’t have a weed killer at home, you can also use a solution of bleach and water. We love the OMO bleach range of products because they offer awesome stain-removal properties and are pretty good at killing any weeds too.

#3 – Neat Stain Removal

If you have any particularly nasty stains on your paving like oil, grease or blood, the best method to clean block paving is to apply a little bleach directly onto the stain. Try Domestos Thick Bleach for awesome results on tough stains. You can pour around 5 – 10 mls of bleach directly onto the stained paving and leave it on for a few minutes before taking on the next step.

#4 – Power Washer Time

If you have a handy power washer at home, now’s the time to use it. We advise angling the power washer to a 30°and spray it diagonally onto the brick paving on a medium pressure. Too high pressure or too direct an angle could damage the paving, so be careful. Make sure you’ve rinsed and washed away all the cleaning products from the paving including any detergents, weed killers, and bleach. If you don’t have a pressure washer, simply use a hosepipe with a spray nozzle that can give you the strongest flow possible when rinsing.

#5 - Re-sand or re-paint any joints if necessary

Once you’ve cleaned and rinsed the paving thoroughly, now is the time to look for any cracks or widening joints that might need to be fixed. Re-sand the paving first before applying a joint or poly filler to the area. Once the joint filler is dry, sand it down again until it’s smooth and completely flush with the rest of the paving.

Why You Should Clean Your Block Paving Regularly

Now that you know how to keep block paving clean, it’s also important to understand why? Why should you complete the monthly task of keeping paving like pathways and driveways cleaned like this?

  • Keeps the paving free from dirt, debris, and stains

  • Protects the paving against the elements, especially when you seal the paving once cleaned

  • Prevent weeds and grass from growing through joints and cracking the bricks or widening the joints

  • Enhances the aesthetic appeal of the paving, giving your home greater street appeal

  • Regular cleaning will make it easier to keep the paving maintained

  • Deters insects and bugs from boring into the paving, which causes long-term damage and breakage

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How do you clean block paving without a pressure washer?

If you don’t have a pressure washer to clean the paving, it’s no problem. Simply use a hosepipe with a spray nozzle attachment to rinse the paving.

Can I pressure wash block paving?

Yes, you can use a pressure washer to rinse your brick paving and clear any dirt and debris from it.

How do you make block paving look new?

Regular cleaning, scrubbing, washing, rinsing, and sealing, will keep your brick paving looking as good as new.

Is bleach good for cleaning block paving?

You can use bleach neat on brick paving to get rid of any oil, grease, or stubborn stains.

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