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Plant pot ideas: how to make garden pots

If you think DIY plant pots are rocket science, our easy garden pot ideas will show you that you couldn’t be more wrong!


Plant pot ideas: how to make garden pots

Terracotta pots are a staple of pretty much any garden, but sometimes you want something a bit different. That’s where we come in, with our funky outdoor plant pot ideas, to help you bring your outside space to life! Whether it’s upgrading your current planters or making your very own DIY outdoor pots, we’re going to show you how to make plant pots look fab.

Look around your home to get inspiration for plant pot ideas. Old teapots, watering cans and baskets are just a few items that can become unique, personalised garden pots. Just don’t forget to clean them with a powerful multipurpose cleaner, like Handy Andy, before giving them a makeover!

Painted pots

One of the most simple garden pot ideas is to add some style with a lick of paint. Stripes, patterns, spots – whatever you want to try, making plant pots pop with a little colour is easy. Here’s how:

  • Draw your idea on paper. A simple idea is to trace the name of the plant you're growing in the pot onto the outside.

  • Tape sections on the pot if you’re creating straight-line blocks of colour.

  • Make a stencil and wrap it around your pot if going for a pattern.

  • Use acrylic paint – if you’re making DIY plant pots like this, test your paint on the underneath first to check how it looks.

Tin can pots

Want to know how to make garden pots that add to green living? Recycle! Used tin cans can become cool DIY outdoor pots. So, rather than throwing them in your recycling box, try making plants pots from your leftover cans like this:

  1. Remove labels and clean out with hot water and a dishwashing liquid, like Sunlight.

  2. Pierce some small holes in the underneath to allow for drainage.

  3. Decorate or leave it as is for an urban look.

  4. Add your plant and water as usual.

  5. If you want to make a hanging planter, pierce a couple of holes on the sides at the top, and use a wire or string to hang it up.

Glass DIY garden pots

Another of our outdoor pot ideas that combines being green-fingered with green living is to reuse old jars as planter. Here’s how to make garden pots from glass jars:

  • Consider the size of your plant and choose an appropriately sized jar.

  • Very carefully and slowly drill a hole in the bottom of the jar – if you’re not confident doing this, ask someone who is or trip one of our other methods.

  • Use clamps or hooks if you want to make DIY plant pots that hang above ground level.

Let the kids explore their creativity

If you’re keen to get your kids involved with you garden pot ideas then try this fun activity:

  • Start by giving your child one pot.

  • Lay down paper or rags to stop marks getting where you don’t want them.

  • Let them choose their paints or pens and encourage them to draw what they like. Remember to supervise at all times.

  • Once dry, add soil and your chosen plant. You can even create a watering rota to ensure your child takes their turn caring for their new plant.

With a handful of outdoor pot ideas, you can really freshen up your outside space. Now that you know how to make plant pots you can get creative. Give these ideas a try and come up with some of your own too!

  • Draw any complicated designs on paper first.

  • Use tape and stencils to design your DIY garden pots.

  • Add drainage holes where necessary.

  • Match your garden pot ideas to the plant you’re using – choose the right size and shape.

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