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Veranda and front porch ideas for small houses

While away the sunny season in style with these front porch and small veranda ideas.


Veranda and front porch ideas for small houses

Small houses really benefit from well thought-out front veranda designs. It’s the perfect way to make your small home bigger and extend the living space outside – especially in the warmer months. Combine all the style of outdoor space with all the beauty of nature with our top porch ideas and learn how to design and decorate this functional space.

Front porches and verandas border our homes so they can be subject to dirt, leaves, dust, and other forms of debris. Give your space a good sweep every now and then, especially if you’re expecting guests, and clean all surfaces with a multipurpose cleaner like Handy Andy.

Front porch ideas for small houses

Houses that are on the petite side require small veranda designs to keep the proportion, scale and balance just right.

  • It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to fit a lot of furniture in a small space so keep things simple with your veranda ideas when it comes to furnishings and decorations.
  • A single rocking chair with a side table or a pair of comfortable seats might be all you need for your small veranda ideas. 
  • As for the structure, maximise the space you do have by opting for sleek, minimal materials.

Front veranda ideas for small homes

If your home is big enough to have a veranda but still on the small side then you'll need to consider small veranda designs.

Glazed or open veranda

The big question to ask when choosing your veranda design is whether you want it to be glazed or open. There are benefits to both:

  • Glazing will fully protect your outside space against the elements but may have limited functionality.
  • An open setup will allow better airflow and be more of an outdoor space but have weaker security.

Before making up your mind about your porch ideas, think about the typical climate and wind direction in your area as well as the position of your house in relation to the sun.

Veranda roof ideas

The roof is one of the most important structural considerations when thinking about different front porch ideas. It can provide shelter from the sun (and potentially the rain!) and is a key part of the aesthetic.

Here are a few veranda roof ideas to choose from:

  • Wood: versatile, sleek and natural, it’s no wonder wood is so popular with homeowners thinking about front veranda ideas.
  • Awnings: a retractable awning made from weatherproof fabric gives you many options.
  • Glass and metal: contemporary homes need front veranda designs that fit with their modern aesthetic and this combination of materials works perfectly.
  • Tiles: for traditional homes or a romantic look curved tiles bring the ideal vibe.
  • Straw: ideal for a rustic touch, a straw, wicker or rattan-style roof material always look very natural.

Front porch and veranda décor ideas

The way you decorate your veranda or front porch can make all the difference. To make sure it’s not cluttered, you need small veranda ideas for your decorations and furnishings.

Check out these front porch and veranda décor ideas to inspire your finishing touches:

  • Vertical plants: out of space for blooms? Look up! Create a magical vertical garden with hand-painted cans to keep the connection between the inside and the outside going.
  • Install an outdoor curtain: it offers a nice backdrop for a summer meal under the sun and gives you privacy when you want it!
  • Hang bistro lights: the warm glow will instantly turn your veranda space into a cosy one.
  • Paint the floor: make a statement with a two-toned floor. This can also break up the small space into separate areas for eating and lounging, for example.
  • Firepit: a convertible fire pit caters to your veranda’s space-saving needs by turning into a table when needed. Plus it keeps you warm when in use!  

Now that you’ve got some inspiration from our veranda ideas you’ll be able to make your front porch your new favourite living area. Enjoy alfresco living!

  • Decide whether you want a glazed or open setup.
  • Pick the roof material that best suits your house’s style.
  • Choose décor and furnishings that work in harmony with your natural surroundings.
  • Keep proportion and balance in mind when adding a front veranda to a small house.
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