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Window cleaning

With the right window cleaning equipment, it’s easy to keep windows clean and streak-free. Read on for lots of useful tips!


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Cleaning your windows every few months will keep them dust and dirt free. Window cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you have the right window cleaning supplies. Just follow these helpful window-cleaning tips to have clear, streak-free windows for minimal effort.

Window cleaning isn’t just for professionals. It’s easy when you have the right equipment and strategy! Remember to follow the directions on the window cleaning detergent and adhere to safety recommendations when using ladders. We recommend using a product like Handy Andy Window & Glass Spray.

Window Cleaning Equipment

For sparkling, clean windows you will need to have the following to hand:

  • A large bucket

  • A squeegee (available from your local hardware store) – this is a window scraper usually with a metal frame and a sharp rubber blade.

  • Window cleaning detergent. The detergent you use should specify that it is safe to use on windows, as some detergents can leave a streaky residue.

  • Sponges or a scrubber. A window scrubber is a piece of equipment with a large sponge attached to a handle. While a normal sponge can do the job just as well, it may be worth investing in a scrubber if you have multiple windows to clean, as they are easier to manoeuvre.

  • Rags for drying your windows once you have cleaned them.

window cleaning

A Step-by-Step Method to Clean Your Windows

  1. First, collect all of your supplies in one easy-to-access area.

  2. Start by cleaning the inside of the window first, as the outside is likely to be dirtier.

  3. Be sure to line the floor around the window with towels, so that you do not slip.

  4. Add window cleaning detergent to a bucket of warm water according to the instructions on the label. Your washing liquid should have a nice lather.

  5. Dip your scrubber into the bucket and get it soapy and wet.

  6. Scrub the glass thoroughly by moving your sponge in a smooth vertical motion. Remember to sponge in all the corners.

  7. Pick up your squeegee and press it in an upper corner of the window. Pull the squeegee evenly and firmly across the glass horizontally, from side to side. Wipe the squeegee on a clean rag after each time you bring it across the glass in order to remove dirt and water. Remember to angle the squeegee slightly so that the water drips downward.

  8. Use a towel or cloth to wipe away all of the excess water and soap.

  9. Repeat on the other side of the window.

Window Cleaning Tips and Safety

  • For windows that are more than a story high, it may be best to call a professional.

  • If you choose to clean your own windows, remember to check the sturdiness of your ladder before you mount it, and always have someone beside you to keep an eye on the ladder.

  • Consider using a tool belt to hold all of your window cleaning products and equipment, if you’re cleaning hard-to-reach windows.

  • Bear in mind that it is best not to clean your windows in direct sunlight, as the sun will dry the water quickly and may leave streaks behind.

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