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Natural cleaning products
Sunlight Dishwash

The truth about natural cleaning products

Read our guide to learn how to make natural cleaning products, where to use them and how leading brands compare.

When searching for the right cleaner, it can be hard to find something that ticks all the boxes. Gentle, powerful, kind – there are many things you want it to do. For some people, homemade all-purpose cleaners are an obvious choice when looking for versatile, green cleaning products for their home – but there could be an easier way.

Switching to a natural-inspired cleaner, like Sunlight Extra Pure, could give you all the benefits you need without the effort of making natural cleaning products yourself. This Sunlight dishwashing soap composition is free from dyes, phosphates or parabens so you can boost have your cleaning power without adding other harsh chemicals.

Using homemade natural cleaning products in moderation


There are a few ways you can make your own natural and environmentally friendly cleaning products to clean with. But it doesn’t have to be a choice. Here are a few ways you can combine natural cleaners with traditional cleaners to get the best results:

  • Glass cleaner. Any homemade natural cleaning product worth having needs to leave your windows or tables crystal clear. Try a homemade vinegar cleaner to achieve this naturally. Just mix an equal amount of water and distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle, spray and wipe clean.
  • Kettles. Cleaning a kettle with vinegar is a great way to remove limescale. Make your vinegar cleaning mix with equal parts of water and vinegar. Click here for a tutorial and don’t forget to give the outside a wipe with hot water and Sunlight Extra.
  • Wooden chopping board. Sprinkle baking soda on your board, rub it in with a halved lemon and finish by protecting your board with coconut oil. Need to clean a plastic chopping board instead? Read our article and try Sunlight Extra Anti-Bac dishwashing liquid. It kills 99.9% of bacteria on the sponge via a natural anti-bac agent.
  • Grease Cleaner. Prepare a solution of hot water and a teaspoon of Sunlight Extra Pure. Mix well and use to clean greasy deposits.

Safety Warning! Test any homemade environmentally friendly cleaning products on a small area first, in a well-ventilated area, while wearing protective clothes. Always keep cleaning products out of reach of children.

Using a combination of homemade multipurpose cleaners and traditional products is the perfect compromise when it comes to finding ways to clean your house effectively.

Additional tips:

Storing homemade natural cleaning products properly means will help them stay effective for longer.

  • Clearly label all of your homemade cleaners for easy refills and safe handling.
  • Half-fill your bottles as natural cleaners will have a shorter shelf-life.
  • Date your bottles so you know when you need to make a new batch of natural cleaning products.
  • Use different shaped bottles to avoid mixing up any cleaners.
  • Keep any homemade cleaning products stored safely


Top Tip

Homemade cleaning products can help you clean naturally. They’re not the only way to keep chemical nasties out of the kitchen though, so when you need a little extra support, try Sunlight Extra Pure. It contains aloe vera and mineral salts for maximum power with no dyes, parabens or phosphates – suitable even for kids’ dishes!