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Best indoor plants for people who always kill their plants

Don't let your green fingers turn brown - find everything you need to know about choosing the best house plants for your home here.


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Key steps:

Looking for houseplants that don’t require hours of care? Follow these steps to choosing them:

  1. Look for plants that don’t need watering too frequently as this can be time-consuming. 

  2. Go for plants that suck water from the soil so you only have to water them once in a while.

  3. Choose plants that can work with lower levels of light so you don’t have to worry about finding sunny spots in your home.

Indoor plants are wonderful for adding natural accents and injecting life into the room but taking care of them requires commitment. For those short of time or with the kind of lifestyle that doesn’t allow for hours of plant care every week it’s best to choose low maintenance indoor plants. Check out our list of the best house plants so that you can still enjoy the benefits of having a bit of greenery in your home without too much hassle. 

Even the lowest maintenance plants can attract bugs and insects. Always be sure to keep your house germ-free with good quality cleaning products.

Low light indoor plant options

It’s great to have indoor plants that need little light because you don’t have to worry about where to put them. All plants need some light to grow but some require less than others. Here are a few that can still prosper even when they’re not in the sunniest of spots: 

  • Lucky bamboo. Also said to bring good fortune, so a real win-win!

  • Devil’s ivy. Hanging plants, especially those with a solid green colour, are good in low light.

  • Cast iron plant: as the name suggests this is very sturdy and can thrive in almost any spot.

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The ultimate low maintenance plants

If you're interested in low maintenance plants - not just those that thrive in limited light - then try some of our favourites:

  • Ficus. The ficus plant can be left around 1 week after a good watering as it sucks the water out from the lower part of the soil. 

  • Succulents. These are hardy little plants that require almost no watering. They can live for weeks on end with no care: ideal for any serial houseplant killer!

  • Cacti. These are probably the first plants you think of when it comes to low maintenance and you aren’t wrong. As desert plants, they can live with very little TLC. 

The best indoor plants for people who travel a lot

It can be tough for people who love plants and travelling to maintain greenery in their home. Look for plants that are easier to keep alive when you’re away so that you don't come home to pots of dried stems and brown leaves.

  • Snake plant (aka Mother in Law Tongue). These hardly need any water which makes them great for people who travel a lot. 

  • Aloe vera. This plant loves dry soil so you can just water it before you go then not have to worry. It does, however, love sunlight so be sure to place it in a sunny spot.

  • Jade. These plants are stunning to look at and only require you to water them once a week. They're ideal for those who go away for a few days at a time. 

Now you know all about easy to maintain indoor plants you can choose the right ones for your lifestyle. There are so many different types of houseplant to pick from that there should always be an option that will work for you and your lifestyle.

For additional plant care tips, make sure you check out our article on how to maintains plants around the house.

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