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What You Should Know About Scented Cleaning Products

Find out if scented cleaning products are safe to use.


What You Should Know About Scented Cleaning Products

There really is nothing better than when your home has a wonderful, clean smell permeating through it. Of course, everyone’s smell of choice is completely different to the next person. Some might prefer soft floral notes of lavender or potpourri while others might enjoy a more organic smell like lemons and citrus notes.

When you use cleaning supplies that smell good, you ensure that the smell you love wafts through your house all day long; from the kitchen to the bathrooms and everywhere in between.

At Cleanipedia, we love the array of fragrances that Handy Andy Cream Cleaner offers for every fragrance palate. But just how do they get scents into the cleaning products in the first place, and is it safe for you and your family to be around?

Here’s a little bit more information about fragrance cleaning products, and why they are completely safe to use every day.

What Makes Cleaning Products Smell Good?

Fragrance in cleaning products is simply a way of making the product more appealing to the end user and doesn’t have any cleaning properties itself. If we didn’t have fragrances in cleaners like Hand Andy, they would have no smell at all and would be rather bland.

Every cleaning product on the market has its own unique scent that has been created by the brand to give it a signature scent or to make it the most appealing to you and I. Most cleaning products are fragranced with synthetic fragrance molecules that are combined to create a specific smell.

Fragrances can be broken up into four distinct groups of notes, which then have sub-notes within them. Here is a look at the Fragrance Wheel in which all fragrances would fall.

Fragrance Wheel:

The Fragrance Wheel with different fragrance notes

So, every fragrance would either be floral, oriental, woody or fresh in nature. And within these notes you can then get:

Floral Notes:

  • Fruit Floral

  • Floral

  • Soft Floral

  • Floral Oriental

Oriental Notes:

  • Soft Oriental

  • Oriental

  • Woody Oriental

  • Woody

Woody Notes:

  • Woody

  • Mossy Wood

  • Dry Wood

  • Aromatic

Fresh Notes:

  • Aromatic

  • Citrus

  • Water

  • Green

  • Fruity

One of the best smelling cleaning products on the market, in our opinion, is Handy Andy Cleaners and they offer four different kinds of popular scents:

  • Lavender Fresh: Smells like a cut from the lavender bush mixed with a soapy sweet cream smell

  • Lemon Fresh: Smells like sweet lemon zest mixed with a soapy sweet cream smell

  • Potpourri: Very floral and sweet aroma

  • Eucalyptus: Smells like a walk through a blue gum forest

Are Scented Cleaners Safe?

Scents within cleaning products like those that make baby scented cleaning products or even lemon scented ones, have been rigorously tested to ensure that they are not harmful to the public. Scents are simply scents and are meant to bring a nice, enjoyable smell into your home after using the products.

Are Scented Cleaners Safe?

However, as with every kind of cleaning product, some people are more sensitive to the products than others. If you develop an aversion to the scent, stop using that product immediately and if some of the product gets onto your skin, we recommend washing the product off well with warm, soapy water.

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