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How to Get Rid of Bad Smells at Home

Even if your bathrooms is clean, sometimes odours lingers! Read on for advice on how to get rid of bad smells in the bathroom & other rooms in the home.


how to get rid of bad smells

Every house has a smell, but sometimes, that smell isn’t so great. Stinky bins, last night’s dinner, lingering smoke odours, or a smelly bathroom – a multitude of things can contribute to bad smells in the home.

Freshen up your home and remove bad odours in no time with our detailed guide that includes tips on how to get rid of unpleasant smells of the bathroom and how to eliminate cooking smells among others.

Good smells in the house can easily be achieved by placing cotton balls soaked in vanilla, peppermint, or your favourite essential oil around the home in hidden places. Jif Antibacterial spray is also a sure bet to eliminate bad smells in the kitchen or bathroom.

How to Get Rid of Bad Smells in a Room – 5 Tips

1) Bad Bathroom Smell

Regular cleaning will help you banish nasty toilet odours in the bathroom – your normal toilet cleaner should be enough, but if there’s still an unpleasant smell of urine, try giving your toilet a deep clean with a bleach-based product and wiping down the surrounding areas. This includes all the raised surfaces like sinks and counter tops and especially the floor around the toilet. Antibacterial products from Jif will ensure the whole bathroom is not only clean, but smelling fresh. Just follow the directions on the label.

2) Mould & Mildew Odours

Mould and mildew can be a common household problem. First of all, if you discover mould or mildew in your home, you need to get rid of it – read our detailed guide on removing mould and mildew from walls for advice. Then, you need to get a dehumidifier to remove all the moisture from the air and carpet. If your room is particularly prone to mould and mildew, be sure to run your dehumidifier regularly, especially if you’re drying clothes inside.

Another way to help get rid of those damp, mouldy smells is to place a bowl of baking soda in the room and leave it to soak up the moisture and smells in the air.

3) Bin Odours

Bins are often the culprits of bad smells and it can be hard to stop them smelling, especially as we’re always throwing rubbish in them! So how you to get rid of bad smells from a bin? The easiest way is to regularly clean your bins. Use an anti-bacterial cleaner like Jif Antibacterial 2-in-1 (remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions). Wipe the inside and outside of your bin and leave to dry. Before you place a new bin liner inside, sprinkle some cat litter or coffee grounds in the bottom – this should help absorb bad odours.

bad smells at home

Safety Warning

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

4) Smoke Smells

One of the best things to do to remove smoke smells is to wash all machine washable fabrics in the rooms that have been exposed to smoke. Wash bedding, removable sofa covers, cushion covers, and curtains with a good quality laundry detergent like OMO Powder. Just remember to consult the fabric’s care label before washing. Some larger items may need to be taken to the dry cleaners.

If your sofa cushions or curtains aren’t machine washable, make your own fabric freshening spray – mix 1/8 cup of fabric softener, a couple of tablespoons of baking soda, and some water in a spray bottle. Then, carefully spray your fabrics – making sure not get too close to the item – and your sofa or curtains will now smell super fresh!

Vinegar is also great for getting rid of lingering smoke smells. Place some white vinegar in a bowl and leave it in the room where the smell is the strongest. Use several bowls if other rooms in your house smell too. The vinegar will deodorise your home and the smoke smell should be gone in less than a day.

5) Cooking Smells

After cooking fish or seafood, the smell can linger in your home for hours. Wiping down surfaces with Jif can improve the smell of your kitchen instantly.

Another way to neutralise bad cooking smells is to cook something that’s guaranteed to smell nice! Fill a pot with water and bring to boil on the hob. Place some citrus peels (oranges, lemons, or grapefruits) in the pot and allow it to gently simmer on the hob at a low heat – you could also add some cinnamon, nutmeg, or vanilla. Leave for a few hours and your home will smell like you’ve been baking!

Getting rid of bad smells is easier than you thought! Now you have options other than buying air fresheners and getting your home professionally cleaned. With these tips on how to get rid of bad smells there’s nothing to worry about and your home can always smell beautifully fresh.

  • Clean your home regularly. Things like dust, dirty linens, overflowing bins and a grubby toilet can cause bad smells.

  • Remember vinegar and baking soda are handy tools for removing odours, and they’re probably already in your home!

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