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Updated 16 August 2023


AuthorBy Cleanipedia Team

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At Cleanipedia, we love all things cleaning. Our team knows every tried and tested method, and we make sure that you’re covered in any situation. Since we started posting our tips and tricks in 2013, we’ve published over 1000 articles and helped 28 million of you.

The Cleanipedia Team is committed to giving you the best advice when it comes to your cleaning problems, using simple and practical guides to help solve all household mishaps. We are passionate about making cleaning easy and fun so that you can enjoy your home and leave any cleaning worries behind. Our team works with experts to make sure our advice is accurate and effective. Let us help you make your house a home.

Our 3 picks for the bathroom category

1/ How to clean mould off bathroom sealant

2/ How to clean and descale a toilet cistern

3/ How to clean a bathtub

Our 3 picks for the in the home category

1/ How to clean a Pandora bracelet

2/ How to deal with a slug infestation in the house

3/ How to get rid of midges in the house

Our 3 picks for the in the clothing category

1/ How to get colour run out of clothes

2/ Symbols on a washing machine: what do they mean?

3/ How to unshrink wool

Our 3 picks for the in the family category

1/ The ultimate personal hygiene checklist for adults

2/ How to bathe a cat

3/ How to remove dog smell from car

Our 3 picks for the in the floor and surface category

1/ How to get rid of mould and mildew on walls

2/ How to remove permanent marker from any surface

3/ Removing stains from wood

Our 3 picks for the in the kitchen cleaning category

1/ How to defrost a fridge freezer

2/ How to remove burnt-on grease from ovens and pans

3/ How to remove tea stains from mugs and cups

Our 3 picks for the in the laundry category

1/ How to make white clothes white again

2/ What to do when your clothes smell after washing

3/ How to remove mould and mildew from fabrics

Our 3 picks for the in the out of home category

1/ How to remove rust from a bike

2/ How to remove moss from your driveway

3/ How to clean block paving

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