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How to wash abaya and keep it like new for longer

Wash your clothes and abayas gently yet effectively with our top tips.


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woman wearing abaya

It’s time to wash your clothes; but how do you get your abaya clean? Abaya fabric types are often delicate, and beads or crystals can make things even more complicated. This article will offer guidance on how to wash abaya. These tips are also useful if you’re looking for advice on how to care for black clothes.

The important thing is not to agitate the abaya. Treat it gently and never tumble dry it or put it in a regular machine wash. Hot water and a fast spin cycle could easily cause damage.

How to wash abaya

When you need to wash clothes, the first thing to do is to check the care label. There are various abaya fabric types and some will need to be dry cleaned. Regardless of fabric, consider dry cleaning if your abaya has a lot of beading as they may come off in the wash.

If your abaya can be washed at home, the question is whether to wash it by hand or in the washing machine. Hand washing is usually the safest way to preserve an abaya’s appearance.

How to hand wash clothes like abayas

  1. Fill a clean sink with cold water and a small amount of detergent, like OMO Perfect Black that provides special care for black fabrics.

  2. Leave the abaya in the water for 10 minutes.

  3. Gently rub the abaya’s fabric against itself to clean it, paying particular attention to areas that can accumulate dirt and sweat: the armpits and hem.

  4. Rinse your abaya in clean water.

  5. Hang it up to dry. It’s best not to leave it in sunlight for too long as this can cause the colour to fade.

Choose a gentle detergent, suitable for delicates and colours, to wash your abaya. You can even get specialised abaya washing liquid or a special detergent for black clothes, such as Omo Perfect Black.  Remember to check if the product is suitable for other colours first and follow the guidelines for your abaya fabric type too. Our tips on hand washing silk may be helpful for silk abayas.

How to wash abaya in washing machine

If you don’t have the time to hand wash clothes, machine washing is also an option. Follow these tips for best results:

  • Use the hand wash or delicate cycle to help avoid damage.

  • Use a low temperature too: warm cycles may cause your abaya to shrink.

  • Wash the abaya inside out to help preserve its colour.

  • In order to protect it from snagging, put it in a mesh laundry bag before putting it in the washing machine. This is particularly recommended if your abaya has beads or crystals, although poorly secured beads may still come off in the wash.

  • When the cycle has finished, hang the abaya up to dry naturally.

Whether you’re planning to wash your clothes by hand or in a machine, pay a little extra attention to your abaya. It is also essential to keep your abaya well stored in a dry place and out of sunlight to avoid colour to fade. By taking the time to get things right, you can make sure that your abaya lasts longer and looks vibrant.

Key steps

Whether you need to know how to wash black abaya or how to care for black clothes, remember these main steps:

  • Take your abaya to a professional cleaner if the label is dry clean only or it has a lot of delicate beading or decoration.

  • If caring for your abaya at home, it’s often safest to wash it by hand.

  • If you do decide to machine wash your abaya, use a delicate, cool-wash setting.

Choose specialist abaya washing liquid or a special detergent for black clothes such as OMO Perfect Black where possible.

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