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A Guide to Fabric Softener: What It Is, & How to Use It

Fabric softener can produce clothes and blankets we love to wear, but only when used correctly! Find out how it works and the best way to use it here!


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What Is Fabric Conditioner?

Fabric conditioner, also known as fabric softener, is a great staple in any household’s laundry cupboard. A high-quality fabric conditioner not only keeps your clothes soft and comfortable but also infuses them with a gorgeous, all-day long freshness. Fabric conditioner is also great for using on clingy fabric, as it helps to minimise the build-up of static. Dermatologically tested, a fabric softener like Comfort Pure is ideal for those with young children or sensitive skin, thanks to its hypoallergenic formula that leaves clothes kind to skin.

NB: Comfort is not suitable for use on children’s sleepwear.

Using the best fabric softener ensures that your clothes look and feel their best. This handy guide will help you learn how to use fabric softener in order to get the best results possible.

How to Use Fabric Softener

Fabric conditioner is easy to use and can be included in your wash in a number of ways, depending on what sort of washing machine you’re using. Remember – make sure that the fabric conditioner never comes into direct contact with the clothes as it can stain. Before using fabric conditioner, be sure to read the directions, and follow the instructions on your clothing care label.

If you use a top-loading machine with an automatic dispenser, use the cap on your fabric softener to measure the correct amount of liquid, and then add it to the dispenser along with your favourite brand of detergent (we recommend Omo Liquid for its brilliant stain removal power). If your top-loading machine does not include an automatic dispenser, simply add a capful of fabric conditioner manually during the rinse cycle.

Front loading machines come with a built-in automatic dispenser at the front of the machine and the conditioner is added in the same way when you add detergent. Make sure you check your machine’s manual to see which tray you need to add the softener to, as each machine will be different.

Tip: Wash your child's teddy bear with fabric conditioner for an extra-soft bedtime buddy:

Should I Use Fabric Conditioner In Every Wash?

While fabric conditioner can help to improve the quality of many kinds of clothes and fabrics, you should avoid using it with the following:

  • Microfibres – Fabric conditioner can damage delicate microfibres, making them less effective at trapping dust and absorbing spills.

  • Athletic and sportswear – Athletic clothing has been designed to carefully absorb and wick away sweat. Fabric softener can reduce this absorbency, making sportswear less effective.

  • Flame retardant clothing – Clothes which have been designed to be flame retardant, like kid’s pyjamas, should never be washed with fabric conditioner. Fabric conditioner removes flame retardant treatment, making the fabric flammable.

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