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How to Clean Walls and Skirting Boards

Even though walls and skirting boards can become stained and dirty over time, you can clean them – so put the paint brushes away! Read on for our top cleaning tips for cleaning walls.


Reading Time: 5 minutes

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Has the time come to clean your walls or skirting boards? If you’re figuring out how to prepare your walls for painting or they just need a good clean, you probably thought it would be easy since they’re perfectly flat surfaces.

It may actually be a tiny bit trickier than you thought. For example, different approaches are required if you’re cleaning painted walls, as opposed to wallpaper. Skirting boards require a different approach again because of their unique, moulded surfaces. But don’t stress – the following guide explains how to do both.

You’re going to need a few things to clean any type of wall:

  • A duster or microfiber cloth

  • A cleaning product like Jif Cream.

  • A clean, non-abrasive sponge.

Homemade cleaning solutions like vinegar and soap are great but make sure you test these on a small area before use. When in doubt, opt for a commercial cleaner. Jif Cream might be a good option –  just remember to always read the directions on the label.

How to Clean Painted Walls

Painted walls are a fairly easy surface to deal with. Most paints are designed to be washed lightly every now and again using a multi-surface cleaner like Jif Cream on scuffs. Some paints with a ‘matte’ finish will require a different approach. Just make sure you check the manufacturer’s guidelines if you’re not sure, and always perform a small spot test before you go to town on the entire wall.

Cover up your furniture and the edges of your carpet before you start cleaning.

  1. First, dust off the wall with the microfiber cloth or duster, because dust or cobwebs will be a lot harder to remove later if they’re wet.

  2. Go for the stains and marks first, and give them special attention. Use your Jif Cream or similar product to remove the scuffs, making sure you follow the safety guidelines on the label. Rather than scrubbing, which will damage the paint, simply wipe the marks gently.

You can apply the same principals to clean walls made of wood.

How to Clean Walls with Wallpaper

There are two types of wallpaper: washable and unwashable. Washable wallpaper can be cleaned the same way as a painted wall. To get rid of stains, there are some handy tricks. Just remember to do your spot test on a small area first, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning the wallpaper.

If your wallpaper is unwashable, you’ll need to stick to dusting it, gently brushing off any dirt without applying any water. If you’re dealing with a grease stain, applying heat might help remove it. Just put an absorbent cloth over the stain and gently rub a hot iron over it. Make sure the iron is set at a temperature that won’t burn the cloth or the wallpaper.

How to Clean Skirting Boards

You’ll find cleaning skirting boards a little easier and lighter on the products. You’ll just need to grab a duster, a cleaning product like Jif Cream, and some clean water to rinse it off.

how to clean skirting boards
  1. Dust the skirting boards down.

  2. Give them a gentle scrub with your cleaning product, making sure you follow the safety guidelines on the label.

  3. Rinse them off using clean water.

And that’s all there is to it – easy!

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