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But first, coffee: How to clean a Breville coffee machine with vinegar

Ever mixed vinegar with coffee? Well you should if you want to enjoy a fresh brew! Find out why with our instructions on how to clean Breville coffee machines using household vinegar.


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Key steps

Follow our key steps for easy cleaning of your Breville coffee machine:

1.     Clean regularly to avoid clogging – and to preserve the taste of your coffee!

2.     Use water and vinegar to decalcify your machine.

3.     Take care to clean individual parts separately.

4.     Repeat cleaning steps until you’re happy.

If you brew up a fresh cup of coffee every day, cleaning your Breville machine regularly is essential. To help keep it at its best, stop clogging, and make it last for longer you need to learn how to clean coffee machine parts the right way. Here’s how!

Whatever type of Breville machine you have, always wash parts by hand. Resist the temptation to put them in the dishwasher, as they could well end up damaged.

How to clean Breville coffee machine parts

When it comes to learning how to clean Breville coffee machine parts, there are two main steps to follow:

  • Decalcifying and cleaning a coffee machine with vinegar.

  • Cleaning the grinder, steam wand and filters.

Let’s go into those two points in detail now.

How to clean a Breville coffee machine with vinegar

Decalcifying is a vital part of the cleaning process to stop build-ups and clogging, particularly when a machine isn’t used very often. Decalcifying and cleaning a coffee machine with vinegar is done as follows:

1.     Pour equal amounts of white vinegar and water into the tank up to the MAX line.

2.     Remove the filter and place a large jug under the group head and steam wand.

3.     Turn the machine on – when it reaches to brewing temperature, do a manual pour.

4.     Once half the tank has flowed out, set to hot water and let the solution flow for around 30 seconds before emptying the jug.

5.     Turn to steam and allow the solution to run through for a couple of minutes.

6.     Turn to stand by in between each step and after the steam section is done.

7.     Remove the tank and rinse thoroughly.

8.     Fill with cold water and then repeat the manual pour, turning on the HOT WATER and STEAM to flush the cleaning solution through.

Cleaning the grinder, steam wand and filters

That’s how to clean a Breville coffee machine with vinegar to decalcify it. Now let’s look at the individual main parts.

  • Filter baskets and portafilter: Rinse under hot water and use the pin end of your cleaning tool to unblock the filters. If they’re still clogged, soak in hot water for around 20 minutes, rinse and dry.

  • Steam wand: Wipe down the exterior to remove residue. Point the tip to the drip tray and turn the dial to steam for 10 seconds. If steam is not coming out you’ll need to use the pin end of the cleaning tool to unblock, before repeating the initial step. Soak in hot water if still blocked and repeat until clear.

  • Grinder: Remove coffee beans and run the grinder to make sure all grounds are out. Remove and use a soft brush to clear any residue in the area where the grinder sits, including the crevices. Scrub out the chute too, and when you’re happy you can reconnect everything.

Cleaning the Breville Coffee Grinder

Cleaning the Breville coffee grinder is essential for maintaining optimal grind quality and preventing flavor contamination. To clean the grinder, start by unplugging the machine and removing the hopper and upper burr. Use a small brush or a soft cloth to remove coffee residue and any loose particles. For stubborn residue, a mixture of mild detergent and warm water can be used to gently scrub the parts. Rinse thoroughly and allow them to air dry before reassembling. Regular cleaning of the Breville coffee grinder ensures consistent performance and helps to preserve the integrity of the coffee flavors for a delightful brewing experience.

The two most important factors of coffee machine cleaning are: be thorough and do it regularly. Now that you know how to clean coffee machine parts, you’ll not only be able to do it easily but you’ll be able to get the most from your machine too! And if you ever find yourself with spilled coffee to shift from clothes or coffee stains to remove from mugs, then we can help with that too!

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