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Front Loader Or Top Loader Washing Machines: Which Is Best?

Unsure whether to get a front- or top-load washing machine? Check out our guide to the advantages of front-load washing machines as well as top-load models.



One of the first things you need to decide when buying a new washing machine is whether a front-loader or top-loader washing machine is best. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Compare washing machine models before you buy to find one that suits your needs. Think about capacity, settings, efficiency, and cost to find good value.

Top-loading washing machines

A top loader allows you to add clothes via the top of the washing machine unit. As a result, the drum normally has a bigger capacity for clothes but the machine will generally use more water and be more difficult to fit into your home.

Advantages of top-load washing machines

  • They are often cheaper to buy

  • They can rinse clothes more thoroughly due to the drum size and water usage

  • They have a quicker wash cycle

  • They are lightweight and easy to reposition or move around as compared to a front loader

Disadvantages of top-load washing machines

While buying a top-loader might save you money in the short-term, it’s important you consider some of the disadvantages of the model before deciding if it is for you:

  • They typically use more water and energy

  • The wash programmes may be less gentle on clothes due to how the drum rotates

  • They can take up more space than front-loading machines and cannot be stored under countertops

Front-loading washing machines

Front-loading washing machines are those which allow you to put clothes in through a door on the front of the machine. This may mean that their overall capacity is lower than a top-loading machine, but they’re also likely to use less water.

Advantages of front-load washing machine**s**

Commonly purchased by families and those with small homes, front-loading washing machines are popular for the following advantages they offer:

  • They generally last longer

  • They don’t use as much water as top-loading washing machines

  • They don’t use as much energy as top-loading washing machines

  • They fit conveniently under worktops to make them a good space-saver

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Disadvantages of front-load washing machines

While the advantages of front-loading washing machines are many, there are some disadvantages to consider:

  • They are usually more expensive

  • They are more difficult to move once set up in your home

  • They tend to have longer wash cycles than top loading machines

  • They may have a lower capacity for clothes than other models

  • As they use less water, they may struggle to rinse large loads sufficiently

Front- or top-load washing machine? Making your decision

Now you understand the main benefits and disadvantages of both types of washing machine, it’s time to choose the right one for you. Ask yourself which would fit into your lifestyle best, and which offers the best value for money, to help make your decision. Writing a list of key features and reading reviews can help with this, so check out our article on washing machine reviews.

Remember: it is important to match your washing machine to your lifestyle. There’s no point getting a top-loader if you’d struggle to fit it in your home or to get a front-loader if you’ll routinely need a larger wash capacity to get your laundry done.

  • Read our guide to help you decide on a front- or top-load washing machine

  • Make a list of features that are important to you, and those that are more flexible

  • Explore available models in person and read reviews before you buy