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How to get fake tan out of clothes

Find out how to get fake tan off clothes with our top tips and easy-to-follow guide.


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How to get fake tan out of clothes

Key steps

Does spray tan come off on clothes? It can smear onto your clothes, but it can also be easily removed. Just follow our key steps:

  1. Always read clothes care labels.

  2. Always read cleaning solution instructions.

  3. Test any solution on a small area first.

  4. Let garments dry in the sun.

Act fast and soak fake tan stains with water before further cleaning with a detergent, like OMO. The water will help break down the stain and make the removal job easier.

Everyone loves the nice glow of a tan, but not when it transfers onto your clothes. Does self-tanner stain clothes? Yes, it certainly can. So if that does happen, you need to know how to get fake tan out of clothes fast. That’s where we come in! Take look at how to get rid of bottle and spray tan stain clothes marks.

How to get fake tan off clothes

If you’re wondering does spray tan stain clothes, the answer is yes it can. But, does spray tan come off clothes? It certainly can, if you act quickly. If you’re fast enough, and your clothing can handle it, fake tan stains on clothes may well come out in a hot wash. Here’s what to do if your clothes can deal with a spin in the machine:

  • Read the care label and wash as per the instructions.

  • Use a quality detergent like OMO – great on stains and soft on your skin too.

  • Before washing in your machine, soak the stain with running water to loosen. Don’t rub the fabric, as you risk spreading the stain and/or damaging the material.

  • Hang out to dry in the sun (if your garment can take it), as the heat from a tumble dryer could set a stain in if it’s not fully removed.

Remove fake tan stains from white clothing

If you’ve got an orangey tinge on your favourite white top, you’re certainly going to want to remove fake tan from clothes. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Treat with an oxygen-based bleach: only on white clothes. If you try to remove in this way on fake tan clothes that are coloured you could end up dulling them.

  • Follow the instructions on the product label and soak the clothes for around eight hours: always test on a small area first.

  • Complete the process with the usual wash in your machine.

Remove fake tan stain on clothes that can’t go in the washing machine

Getting fake tan stains out of delicates and clothes that can’t go in your machine can be tricky, but if you act quickly you should be able to remove them. Here’s what you can try:

  • Gently blot at the stain with a mix of detergent and water.

  • Try a glycerine cleaner: glycerine is a neutral compound that gently helps to draw the stain out of your clothes.

  • Go to the pros: if nothing seems to be working, don’t scrub or rub harder. Now’s the time to take your clothes for professional cleaning.

Once you know how to get fake tan out of clothes there’s no need to panic if you see a tinge of orange on one of your favourites. As long as you act quickly, you can use our top tips to remove fake tan from clothes!

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