How to get rid of bobbles on wool

Wool is a great material for your winter clothes – but unfortunately it is prone to bobbles. Find out how to keep your garments looking great with these tips on how to remove bobbles from wool.

Updated 2 September 2019

Pile of folded wool jumpers

It’s quite rare for woolly jumpers and coats to stay bobble-free – but luckily it’s an easy problem to fix. We’ve put together a handy wool bobble remover guide to help you get your garments looking good again.

Use a razor

A word of warning - only try this on finer knits rather than your big, chunky-style jumpers. It’s also worth trying this on a small part of the material first rather than covering the whole item.

Stretch the fabric’s surface tightly with your fingers. Using a disposable razor, gently run the razor over the area of wool you want to work on, following the contours of the fabric. You can also pick off any fuzz at the edges and hems with your hands.

Roll with it

Too nervous about using a razor? If the fabric is delicate, try a Velcro hair roller to remove bobbling on wool clothes. The lint can simply be scraped off with a comb as you go.


Try sticky tape

Sellotape is another way you can lift the bobbles away from the fabric. The downside is that it’ll take quite a while to do a full garment, but it’s a good way to tackle problem areas – such as under the arms – quickly.

Of course, the best piece of advice is to care for your clothes correctly so you don’t get so many bobbles to begin with. Discover our tips on how to prevent clothes bobbling.

Originally published 2 September 2019