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How to use fabric softener: tips and tricks for keeping clothes soft

Unsure how to use fabric conditioner for the best results or what fabric conditioner actually does? Read on for answers to your FAQs.


fabric conditioner

Wondering how to keep your clothes soft during washing? The secret ingredient you need is fabric softener! But just what is fabric conditioner - or fabric softener? What does fabric conditioner do? And when should you use it?

Use a good quality fabric conditioner, such as Comfort, to help your clothes and towels see the full benefits of using a fabric conditioner.

What is fabric softener?

The first key thing to note here is that there is no difference between fabric softener and fabric conditioner - they are just two names for the same thing. Fabric softener is exactly what the name suggests - it is a product designed to help keep your clothes and towels soft and fluffy.


Your essential cleaning kits from trusted brands

What are the most common fabric softener uses?

Fabric softener has lots of uses and benefits:

  • It helps to keep your clothes soft
  • It infuses your clothes with a fresh scent 
  • It helps to retain the shape of your clothes
  • It helps to retain the colour of your clothes 

But that's not all. Did you know that other benefits of fabric softener include reducing the static clinginess of your clothes, helping fabric dry quicker, and making clothes easier to iron? 

When should you use fabric softener?

Fabric softener should be used as part of your normal laundry routine and can be used on most materials. There are a few exceptions - fabric softener can reduce the effectiveness of flame retardancy on certain materials - so you should always check the care labels of your clothes before washing them with fabric conditioner. Those who have sensitive skin or intend to use fabric softener on their baby's laundry should look for a mild and gentle formula like Comfort Pure.

We now know the difference between fabric softener and fabric conditioner (there is none), and when to use fabric softener, but do you know how to use fabric conditioner in your washing machine to get the best results? Well, fear not - our handy guide is filled with top tips, as well as things to avoid. Read on to learn how to get the best out of your fabric softener.

How to use fabric conditioner in the washing machine? Where does fabric softener go in your washing machine?

Fabric softener is easy to use - simply add the specified dose to your laundry alongside your favourite detergent. Where exactly you add the fabric softener will depend on the type of washing machine you have.

  • Not sure where to put fabric softener in the washing machine? Look for the flower symbol on the detergent drawer of front-load machines. Check your operating manual if you're unsure.
  • Most fabric softeners are available in liquid form and generally come with a measuring cup to help you measure the correct dose. Your washing machine's detergent drawer should have a max. line too.
  • Adjust the amount of fabric conditioner you use according to the size of the load of your laundry. Check the instructions on the packaging for extra guidance.
  • Pour the fabric softener from the cup into the relevant drawer and the machine will add the softener into the wash during the rinse cycle. 
  • Check full usage instructions with your manufacturer. For example, browse fabric softeners at Comfort to find out how to use Comfort fabric conditioner in washing machines.

What to avoid when using fabric softener?

Using fabric softener correctly will help you get the best results from it:

  • Do not let fabric softener come directly into contact with clothes as it can stain them.
  • Avoid direct contact with your skin and wash immediately in case of irritation.
  • Always use the recommended dose - do not use too much or too little as this will affect your results.
  • Want to know how to keep towels soft? Fabric softener seems like an obvious solution but it can actually reduce the absorbency of towels. Only add it every other wash to keep towels fluffy, soft, and absorbent. Read more on our article: how to wash towels.

Want to know more about using fabric softener? Read this article on how to use fabric conditioner or watch this simple instructional video on how to use fabric softener:

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