How to wash a waterproof jacket

Read on to discover how to wash a waterproof jacket with our super simple step-by-step guide.

Updated 30 May 2022


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Clean waterproof jacket with a walking outfit

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Key steps

  • Always check the care label before washing your waterproof jacket.

  • Brush off loose dirt and mud first.

  • Use specialised waterproof cleaner when possible.

  • Alternatively use a small amount of liquid detergent.

  • Never use stain removers or bleach, which could affect the colour.

Like every other item of clothing, waterproof jackets need cleaning every now and again. Some jackets, however, may lose some of their waterproof coating when washed with strong detergents or at very high temperatures. Here we’ll outline the dos and don'ts of washing waterproof jackets with a step-by-step method for how to wash Gore-Tex and branded jackets.

Is your jacket absorbing water during the cleaning process instead of repelling it? It’s time to treat it to new waterproofing! Just make sure it’s clean first.

How to wash a Gore-Tex jacket: The dos and don’ts of washing branded waterproofs

When it comes to understanding how to wash a North Face jacket or other Gore-Tex branded jackets, there are a few dos and don’ts you should be aware of.

  • DO check the manufacturer’s care label first. This will give you a better idea of the exact requirements for your jacket.

  • DO use a small amount of liquid detergent, such as Persil non-bio.

  • DO wash and dry your jacket as often as you need. This will help to remove dirt and odours from the great outdoors.

  • DO wash your Gore-Tex jacket with similar items, as long as they are not too heavily soiled.

  • DON’T over-spin your waterproof jacket. Use a gentle wash cycle with a minimum spin to prevent creasing by pulling and twisting it.

  • DON’T use powder detergents, fabric softener or chlorine bleach as these could damage the waterproofing.

  • DON’T use stain removers. Instead wash it in a pre-wash cycle with a small amount of liquid detergent like Persil. If you don’t have a pre-wash cycle, simply soak the jacket in warm water and detergent.

For more detailed information and answers to the most frequently asked questions about washing a North Face jacket, take a look at their product care page.

How to wash waterproof jacket: a step-by-step guide

Read on to discover our simple step-by-step guide for how to wash a waterproof coat in just seven easy steps:

1.     Always start by checking the care label for specific instructions for your clothing. The below information should only be used as a guide, but it is important to make sure you adhere to any manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure you don’t void your warranty.

2.    When it comes to cleaning your waterproof jacket, start by removing any loose mud or dirt with a brush.

3.    Make sure you do up all zips and flaps.

4.    Clean your washing machine detergent compartment before pouring waterproof cleaner into the compartment. Make sure you read the instructions on the label which should provide a guide to how much detergent you need to use.

5.     Put your waterproof jacket into the washing machine. You should take care to only wash one or two waterproof items at a time, and never place any other dirty laundry in with it.

6.     Use a complete wash and rinse cycle. The cycle should be no higher than 30 degrees, but for exact temperatures, check the care label.

7.     For the best results, always air-dry your waterproof jacket.

Now you have a simple guide for how to wash ski jackets or other waterproof jackets, you can make sure you look great and venture outdoors prepared for all types of weather.

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