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Learn how to clean your Vans shoes

This article answers questions like "how to clean white vans" and "can you put Vans in the washer?" It also gives useful tips on their daily maintenance.


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By Cleanipedia Team

how to clean vans shoes

Key steps

To clean your favourite pair of Vans looking fresh, just follow these key steps:

  1. Check the shoe label for cleaning instructions.

  2. If the shoes are OK to be put in a machine, place in a mesh laundry bag, use a gentle spin and opt for low temperature.

  3. For non-washable Vans, use a soft-bristle brush and damp towel to eradicate stains.

Have your favourite pair of Vans got filthy after months of daily use? Are you wondering whether you can put Vans in the washer or if they require handwashing? We’ve got some top tips on how to get your Vans looking great again, ready for new daily adventures. Read on for our go-to guide on how to clean Vans shoes.

Vans can be kept in good condition with a bit of TLC. Be sure to wash at a low temperature to avoid damaging the fabric.

The answers to key questions on how to clean Vans

  1. Can you put Vans in the washer? Usually, you can! It depends slightly on the type of vans you have (never machine wash suede, for example), so always check the label first. If it says you can wash them in a machine, be sure to do so on a gentle cycle with a cold water setting. Anything too vigorous or hot could damage and potentially shrink the fabric.

  2. How to clean white Vans: If you want to get your whites back to their original bright hue, try pre-soaking any stubborn stains with a touch of laundry detergent.

  3. Cleaning Vans with bleach: yes or no? No – in a word. Bleach is too harsh for the material on Vans and could leave yellow marks. It’s also likely to zap the colour from any dyed materials, so skip the bleach when washing Vans.

Can you wash Vans with a brush? Yes, you can use a brush to get rid of dried dirt on Vans. Be sure to opt for soft-bristled ones as anything too hard can damage the fabric. If you don’t have an appropriate brush to hand, use a lint-free cloth or damp towel instead.

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Keeping Your Vans Clean: Top tips for everyday maintenance

  • If you’re going to put your Vans in washing machine environs, be sure to invest in mesh laundry bags. Place vans inside beforehand to provide some protection during the wash.

  • Washing Vans in washing machine, as we saw above, can work, but be sure not to do it too often as the process can weaken the fabric. Get day-to-day stains out with a soft brush and save the full laundering treatment for when it’s really needed.

You should now feel a lot more confident when it comes to how to clean vans. The trick is to always follow the labelling instructions. If ever in doubt, do a quick patch test of the laundry detergent you’re using. If the detergent does its job without causing stains, you know you’re good to go. For further information on how to clean converse and other types of shoes, read our articles!

Safety Warning

If your Vans get wet for any reason you can dry them with a hairdryer, just be sure not to put it too close to your shoes while doing so. The heat is too much for the fabric and this can cause a fire hazard.

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