How to make your bed sheets smell clean, fresh and inviting

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how to make your bed sheets smell clean

Key Steps:

  • Buy two or three sets of good quality sheets. This should include a sheet, duvet cover, and pillowcases and will allow you to rotate your bedding regularly.
  • Dry bed linen thoroughly before storage. Putting damp sheets in the airing cupboard can breed mould and musty odours. Dry your linen outside (if possible) to keep them really dry.
  • Use a laundry liquid with added softener. This will help keep your sheets lightly fragranced.
  • Try using fabric sprays to freshen your sheets. This is perfect to try midweek and if you choose a relaxing scent, such as lavender, it might even help you get a little extra sleep.
  • Don’t skip washing your bed sheets. Even though they may not look dirty, bed sheets can harbour dust mites, dead skin cells, sweat stains, and oils from your skin and hair. Wash them regularly to kill bacteria and keep your bedroom happy and healthy.
Using Surf all-in-one laundry liquid makes the weekly wash a breeze, as you won’t need to worry about extra steps like adding fabric softener. Plus, the smell as you slip under the duvet at night is sublime!

Is there any better feeling that slipping into soft, fragrant, freshly washed sheets after a long day?

It’s little lifts like this that make every day enjoyable, but washing sheets needn’t be a chore. Follow our simple bed washing tips and advice on how often to wash bed sheets and enjoy that fresh feeling every bedtime.

Fresh smelling beds: How to wash your bedding

The secret to a fresh smelling bed is newly laundered bed linen. It’s important that you wash your bedding regularly and with the right methods – not just for the scent, but also to prevent nasties such as bed bugs.

How you wash your sheets will depend on the type of bedding you have. Check the care label first and remember to follow the wash instructions. Our article on How to Clean a Mattress and Bedding can also help.

How often should you wash your bed sheets?

Although our individual needs will vary, generally speaking it’s a good idea to wash your sheets every 1-2 weeks. Over-washing sheets can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on the fabric while not washing sheets can let grease from our skin permeate the fibres, even changing the colour of the fabric over time.

If you’re not sure how often to wash bed sheets, our guide on washing bedding might help.

Do I need to air my bed?

To keep your bedding and sheets fluffy and fresh-smelling in between bed washing days, it is important to air everything regularly. This will help prevent pockets of bad odours and damp from forming in your bed and help keep things smelling sweet in the bedroom.

Start by folding back the duvets and blankets, you can even hang them on a clothes horse or airer if you like. Next, plump and knead pillows back into shape and separate them out so that they can air.

Remember that you will need to air your mattress too, but this can’t really be done every day. Instead, try and give your mattress some breathing time when changing your bed sheets. Some mattresses also benefit from being flipped or rotated every month – check with the manufacturer to find out if this is necessary for your mattress.

By following these tips, you will be able to help your bed stay clean, fresh and inviting – making every night’s sleep even more enjoyable.

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