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How to clean your bedroom

Don't let cleaning your bedroom seem like a chore! We've got some easy tips to help make tidying your room stress-free and quick!


By Cleanipedia Team

clean bedroom with tidy bedside table and made bed

When you have visitors over, do you quickly slam the bedroom door before they arrive, for fear that they might get a glimpse into your messy lifestyle? We’ve all been there. Letting your room get out of hand is very easy – you’re usually only in there when you’re half asleep, and no one wants to tidy up when there’s a nice warm bed in the offing. But you have to admit that there does come a point when enough is enough – that’s usually around the time that you find yourself having to fight your way through mountains of clothes just to get to your wardrobe! Is tidying your bedroom the most interesting task in the world? No. But it’s also not particularly difficult.

Here’s how to clean your room without stress, without boredom, and without giving up.

Part of learning how to clean your room is keeping your bedding fresh and clean at all times. Wash your bed sheets and pillowcases every two weeks with laundry detergent like Persil to treat stains and germs. Fresh bedding will make for a comfy, peaceful night’s sleep!

How concerned are you about disinfecting while cleaning?

Before you begin cleaning your bedroom

Before you even think about starting to tidy your shelves, or wiping down dusty surfaces, the very first task you should tick off your list is making your bed (you could even change your duvet covers – it may have been a while since you last did it). Why is making the bed so important when cleaning your bedroom? For two reasons: First, making your bed takes no time at all, and having one area of your room completely finished is a big motivational boost. Second, a bed acts as a large, flat surface for temporarily holding items that don’t yet have a place, rather than them being scattered all across the floor. See the video below for the best way to wash your bed sheets and mattress.

Give everything a place

You should give yourself an aim – to have a completely clear floor. Imagine this: a floor that you can walk across in the middle of the night without tripping over randomly placed shoes, a floor where you can vacuum without bumping into things – sounds magical, doesn’t it? Well, you can have all that, but you need to make sure everything in your room has its own place. Don’t leave clothes lying about – put them in drawers, hang them in your wardrobe, or fold them on shelves. The same goes for books, and shoes, and your array of hairstyling brushes. If something doesn’t have a place, then give it one. It doesn’t have to be complicated – those hanging fabric storage units that attach to the backs of doors are ideal for dealing with small, fiddly items that don’t really fit anywhere else. When it comes to organisation, use your common sense and you’ll get there.

How to clean bedroom furniture

Cleaning your bedroom isn’t just about tidying up, it’s also about giving everything a thorough clean. It’s actually much easier than it sounds… honestly. For most surfaces, which includes wooden furniture, plastic, or glass drawer tops, all you need is a soft, clean cloth and some fresh water. Wipe each surface with a damp cloth and allow to dry before replacing any items on top. If you find any stains (from when you were eating that cheeky slice of pizza in bed, for example, and spilt tomato sauce on your bedside table and forgot to wipe it clean), then apply a small amount of dishwashing soap or laundry detergent which will soften the stain before wiping with the cloth. If you’re dealing with wood or glass, just be sure to give them a little extra attention to keep them looking good. Just use the appropriate cleaner for that type of material – just follow the direction on the label, and test any product in a small area first.

Finishing touches

Loose items put away – check. Furniture cleaned – check. Great. Now all that’s left are the finishing touches. This can really be as vague or as in depth as you like, but there are two tasks that you should never skip. Firstly, take a duster and wipe it all along your ceilings – the last thing anyone wants is a gigantic spider making its way down its web and into your bed in the middle of the night, right? Secondly, vacuum your room thoroughly; it really will make such a difference to the look, feel, and even smell of your bedroom. Vacuuming can actually encourage a good night’s sleep by removing dust particles that could trigger allergies, so make sure you don’t forget this very important finishing touch.

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