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10 clever bed storage ideas to make your bedroom beautiful

Add room back into your bedroom with these 10 quick and simple bed storage ideas.


By Cleanipedia Team

A bed with under-bed and behind-bed storage space

Key steps for storage safety

Don’t forget to follow safety guidelines when trying any bed storage ideas:

  • Don’t place anything too heavy on hooks or shelves above the bed.
  • Secure bookcases, shelves, and other fittings to walls securely.
  • If using risers to heighten your bedframe, make sure they are attached securely.

Struggle to drift off at night because your bedroom looks messy and uninviting? Tackle the bedroom clutter and sleep soundly by using unused space with our 10 space-saving bed ideas and storage solutions.

Don’t think you can’t use under-bed storage ideas just because there’s no room under the current bedframe. Use bed risers to lift your bed off the floor and add extra space!

How concerned are you about disinfecting while cleaning?

Ideas 1-3: over-bed storage ideas

First things first, make use of bare walls with over-bed storage ideas that keep things organised and add a focal point.

1. Install hooks on the wall over the bed for scarves, jewellery, or decorations.

2. Fit shelves above your bed for books, ornaments, and even cuddly toys.

3. Wall mount a bookcase for artwork, books, and even clothing (neatly folded).

Ideas 4-6: under-bed storage ideas

Next, it’s time to make use of the room below your bedframe with under-bed storage ideas.

4. Use decorated cardboard boxes or wicker baskets for attractive under-bed storage.

5. Try storage drawers on wheels to make it easier to access items under the bed.

6. Invest in a divan or ottoman bedframe with built-in storage when shopping.

Ideas 7-10: fun bed storage ideas

Finally, try these fun and unique space-saving bed storage ideas for innovative solutions.

7. Fold spare bedsheets to the width of your mattress and store them underneath.

8. Buy or create your own headboard with shelves or drawers for behind-bed storage.

9. Clear space in kids’ bedrooms with a bunkbed. Top bunks are only safe for ages 6+.

10. Pull your headboard away from the wall and use a screen to create a dressing area.

If your bedroom’s still looking cluttered once you’ve finished exploiting your bed’s storage potential, that’s easily fixed! Take a look at our article on how to organise a bedroom.

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