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5 great feng shui tips for kids' rooms

Applying feng shui to your child’s bedroom can have many benefits. Read on to find out why, and how you can achieve a restful room with our top tips.


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By Cleanipedia Team

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Feng shui doesn’t have to be just for adults - kids can benefit from it too. Our top tips will help you to transform a pitiful pit into a zen den, where happiness, harmony and a better night’s sleep will be on the cards. What’s not to love?

1. Clear the clutter: pave the way for a feng shui kids’ room

Before you’re ready to start work on your room, you’ll need to get rid of any unwanted clutter. Children can find it overwhelming having a bedroom packed to the hilt with belongings, so it’s important to create a feeling of free-flowing space, which will help your child to be more imaginative and creative. Clean out those wardrobes crammed with clothes and empty those cupboards full of boxes and bits. Not sure where to start? Our easy guide on how to declutter can help you on your way to a feng shui kids' room in no time.

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2. Position the bed: make it central to your kids’ room design

Where you position your child’s bed is a key feng shui principle. It should be aligned to the widest part of the room and ideally against a wall where they can see the bedroom door easily when laying down. This invokes reassurance and a sense of calm, helping promote a good night’s sleep. Underneath the bed should be free of objects so energy can circulate freely around your sleeping child and, if possible, there should be room to walk around each side of the bed. Wooden beds are favoured over metal beds, as it’s believed wood supports your body and energy when sleeping.

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3. Use calming colours and art: learn how to decorate a kids room

Knowing how to decorate a kid’s room using the right colours is an essential part of feng shui. Choose warm and nurturing colours over primary or overly bright colours, which are not conducive to restful surroundings. Consider using blues, greens and pastel colours that are calming and peaceful. Selecting art and imagery is another great way of introducing feng shui into your child’s bedroom. Choose something with an uplifting effect and avoid any hostile themes of battle scenes, wild animals or swords. Put up positive pictures, like a happy family photo and hang hand-made artwork your child is proud of.

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4. Involve your child: share your kids’ room decorating ideas

Don’t panic, we don’t mean unleashing them with the paint roller, but even just a small involvement can make your child feel empowered, which in

itself is good feng shui. Let them choose some artwork for their room or, even better, frame and display some of their pictures. Ask them which fabric or paint colour they prefer from a curated selection and involve them in the wall of fame (see below). Get your child into a routine of helping tidy up their room and making their bed daily. These activities are all instrumental in having responsibility and helps to set the tone for a prepared day.

5. Encourage self-confidence: use your kids’ room design to inspire

A child’s room should be uplifting and inspiring, where they can feel more secure, happier and stable. Feng shui can help build a child’s self-esteem and confidence in ways that are both easy and effective. A full length mirror is good for a child lacking in confidence, or accents of bright colours can motivate a quiet child. Celebrate their heroes by displaying a framed image or poster of someone or something your child admires, whether it be Da Vinci or a deep-sea diver. It’s an important part of acknowledging and validating their dreams. Another good idea is having a ‘wall of fame’ where certificates, awards or photos of your child are displayed to celebrate their achievements.

You should now be armed with all the tips to transform your child's room into a calm, positive and nurturing environment. If you’re feeling inspired to sprinkle some feng shui magic in your space, why not take a look at our feng shui tips for your bedroom?

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