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How to clean an iPad screen

iPad, LCD TV, & computer screens can be tricky to clean. Read this guide on how to clean a flat screen TV and other electronic devices for top tips.


How to clean an iPad screen: iPad being used for baking recipe

Key steps:

  1. Turn off any device before you clean it
  2. Use a microfibre or lint-free cloth to clean an LCD screen, never a paper towel
  3. Rubbing alcohol or a small diluted amount of household cleaner should be enough to clean your device

Your laptop may be one of the most important items in your house – you may need it for work, to keep in touch with friends and family, or to stay informed about the world. Because it’s so vital, you should make sure you have a clean computer so it functions well and remains easy to use. But be extra careful when cleaning your laptop, as they’re usually pretty expensive!

Follow our tips below to learn how to clean a computer and other electronic devices. For more tips on how to clean electronic devices, have a look here.

Use a cotton bud to clean the grooves on your keyboard, running it gently between the keys to pick up any dirt and dust. For an even better clean, dip the bud first in a very small amount of rubbing alcohol, but squeeze it free of any excess liquid first. Remember to always unplug and power down an electronic device before cleaning it.

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How to clean your laptop: general tips

  • Before you start, remember to first unplug and turn off your computer.
  • Try to work in a well-lit, clean, and dry area, free from any dust.
  • Consult your computer’s manual to learn the specifics on how to clean your computer screen.
  • We recommend cleaning your laptop every one to two weeks, following the steps below.


Your essential cleaning kits from trusted brands

How to clean a flat screen TV

Modern flat screens often have an LCD screen, so they need to be cleaned more carefully than the glass screens of older TVs. If you are very particular, you can find specialist LCD screen cleaners at computer stores but for the most part, your electronic screens can be cleaned with simple everyday supplies.

The most important item is a dry, clean, lint-free cloth. Microfibre cloths are especially good. Avoid paper towels, which can scratch the screen, or fuzzier fabrics, which can leave lint on a surface. Simply wipe the dry cloth gently over the surface, and it will pick up any grease or dirt.For a dirtier screen, you can also use a small amount of water, or dilute a small amount of household cleaning solution. However, never apply the liquid directly onto the screen. Apply it to the cloth, which should then be squeezed free of any excess liquid.

How to clean a keyboard and mouse

The keyboard is the most difficult step towards achieving a clean computer, as dirt, crumbs, dust, and other gunk can easily build up, causing keys to stick and possibly worse. Here are a few easy steps for keyboard-cleaning though:

  • Turn your keyboard completely upside down, so dust and other particles can fall out. Gently tap the side of the keyboard to loosen other particles.
  • If you want, use a can of compressed air to blow out stubborn bits of dirt and dust, but make sure to angle the can so debris is blown out and not pushed further in.
  • Gently wipe a little rubbing alcohol onto the surface and side of the keys, using a cotton bud or cotton swab. Then let your disinfected keys air-dry.

To clean a mouse, first disconnect it from the laptop or turn it off and remove any batteries. A mechanical mouse should be carefully disassembled to remove the ball, which you should clean with warm water and fully dry before putting back in the mouse. With a lint-free cloth or antibacterial wipe, dampen the exterior of the mouse and the ball housing with rubbing alcohol and dry.

How to clean smartphones and tablets

Now that you know about cleaning computer screens, cleaning iPad screens won’t be any trouble as it’s not very different. Smartphones and tablets have durable but sensitive screens, designed to take consistent pressure. Use a lint-free or microfibre cloth and some rubbing alcohol to remove any grease from the screen.

The phone mouthpiece can gather a lot of bacteria, so go over this once a week with an antibacterial wipe or a cloth damp with rubbing alcohol. As usual, remember to turn off your tablet or phone before cleaning it.

And there you have it – now all your electronic devices will be clean and fresh.

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