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5 natural drawer fresheners you can make at home

Keep your clothes smelling clean and the moths at bay with these easy DIY ideas.


Reading Time: 5 minutes

By Cleanipedia Team

Natural drawer fresheners pot pourri pockets
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Drawer fresheners not only keep your clothes smelling great, they're also a brilliant (and natural) way to repel moths and other clothes-eating critters. If you’re wondering how to make drawer fresheners, grab yourself a cuppa and get comfy…

(Pssst… you’re going to need essential oils for some of your scented sachets. If you’re not sure what fragrances to choose, you might want to take a peek here.) 

1. How to make uber-easy drawer sachets

For this method, all you need are some organza gift bags (available from haberdashery and craft shops), and some dried lavender petals.

  • Put a scoop of lavender in each bag.

  • Tie it closed.  

  • Erm, that really is it. (We did say they were uber-easy.) If you want a slightly stronger fragrance though, add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil to the petals. 

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2. How to make drawer fresheners with rice

You can use tightly woven organza bags for these drawer sachets, but if you’re feeling crafty why not make even prettier ones with offcuts of material? Ideally, go for brighter or darker colours, as some essential oils can stain white cotton. You’ll also need some cotton thread in a contrasting colour and half a cup of rice. 

  • Cut out two small squares (about 12 cm wide) of material, ideally using pinking shears.

  • Sew the squares together around three edges, about 1 cm from the edge, with the right sides facing out. You can use whatever stitch you fancy here really, just make sure your stitches aren’t too big or you could have runaway rice on your hands.

  • Add 5-10 drops of the essential oil to the rice and mix it up.

  • Pour the rice into your sachet. You might not need all the rice, it depends how plump you want your drawer freshener.

  • Sew the final edge closed.

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Once the sachets start losing their scent, just dab a few more drops of oil on the material to perk your drawer fresheners right up again.

3. How to make potpourri pockets

For this natural drawer freshener, you’ll need an old shirt, some potpourri, press studs and a glue gun. 

  • Carefully cut around the pocket of the shirt, so that the material stays sewn together.

  • Use a hot glue gun to add a line of press studs to the open edge of the pocket.

  • Pop half a cup of pot pourri into the pocket.

  • Fasten the button and press studs. 

If you’re worried about the pocket popping open, you can stitch it closed instead of using press studs. Otherwise, unfasten it to add a few drops of essential oil to the potpourri when the fragrance fades. Can’t find a potpourri you like? It’s easy enough to make your own… 

4. How to make scented drawer sachets without sewing

Don’t fancy using organza bags or pockets, but not a fan of sewing? Iron-on hemming tape is your friend.

  • Cut two squares of material around 12 cm wide, ideally using pinking shears.

  • Cut three strips of hemming tape 12 cm long, and one 10 cm long.

  • Place the 12 cm strips along three of the edges (as close to the edge as possible), on the reverse of the fabric.

  • Put the other square on top and iron over it gently to stick the squares together.

  • Once cool, fill the sachet with a scented filling of your choice. Don’t overfill it, or you’ll make the next step a lot trickier.

  • Place the shorter strip of hemming tape in the bag along the open edge and iron it closed.

5. How to make scented linen pouches

You don’t need to be a master (or mistress) of the sewing needle to whip these up in minutes.

  • Cut a circle out of linen, around 15 cm in diameter.

  • Using a large needle, loosely sew around the outside with coloured wool or thin ribbon. Don’t secure either of the ends.

  • Pop a couple of tablespoons of dried flower petals in the middle of the circle.

  • Add a few drops of essential oil if you want a stronger fragrance.

  • Pull the two ends of wool together to close the pouch and tie a knot to keep it closed.

 Now your drawers are smelling sweet, why not give the rest of your home the same treatment with these homemade fragrance sprays?

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