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House cleaning secrets: 10 spots you always forget to clean at home

This article gives key house cleaning tips by focusing on the common areas overlooked and how to deal with them.


By Cleanipedia Team

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When you're going through the motions cleaning-wise, it's easy to focus on the big weekly cleaning areas like floors, the bathroom suite and kitchen worktops, and forget the spots that only need cleaning occasionally and focus on the more regular areas. Don't worry, though – we've put together a list of the spots you'll want to check off your monthly cleaning list! This guide gives you a thorough house cleaning checklist, focusing on the areas other people tend to miss. Use the list to keep house clean and clear whatever else is going on in your life.

Before you start to clean, write a list of all the areas that need to be gone through and tick them off methodically as you go.

How clean is your house? Tips for areas to check more thoroughly

We hate to blow our own horn here, but using a checklist can really help to clean your house. It’s so easy to forget one small area of your home and leave dirt to fester. By being organised you take the thinking out of the process and know you’ll always end up covering every base.

One of our best house cleaning tips is to focus on the areas unseen. This might sound counter-intuitive (who cares if you can’t see them?!), but actually these are the spaces that attract the most dust and dirt, and are easily forgotten. Grime building up anywhere in your home in no fun, but even worse, it can cause nasty smells. When it comes to trying to clean your house, out of sight is definitely not out of mind.

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Finally, one of the best house cleaning secrets comes down to a single word: uncover. Uncover anything that’s covered, flip over rugs, uncover shelves, uncover anything that might be hiding some dirt or dust underneath. By applying this simple rule you’ll notice so many more hidden nooks and crannies that need a good clean.

A cleaning checklist for often-forgotten places

So now you know some important principles you can assess how clean your house is. Our tips below will help you seek out the hidden dirt in your home. Simply follow this list to sort the areas most commonly missed in the home:

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  1. The top of skirting boards

  2. Curtain seams

  3. The backs of drawers

  4. Shoe racks (always filling up with dirt from outside!)

  5. The cleaning cupboard itself (throw out any old rags or dusters that are looking past their prime)

  6. The floor underneath beds

  7. The tops of large cabinets and wardrobes

  8. The attic or loft, a whole space that’s often forgotten

  9. Down the back of the sofa

  10. The inside of curtain rails

Be sure to cover these neglected areas when you’re doing your regular clean and you’ll avoid nasty build-ups of dust. By following this simple house cleaning checklist and following our own key home cleaning tips, you’ll create a dirt and dust-free home for you and your family.

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