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How to clean AirPods

Here you can find step-by-step guides for how to clean Airpods and their charging case.


By Cleanipedia Team

How to clean AirPods
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Key steps

  • Use a soft-bristled brush to clean debris from AirPods and their case.

  • Use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to clean your AirPods.

  • Use a cotton bud to clean speaker and microphone meshes.

  • Use a microfibre cloth and 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean your AirPod case.

AirPods are a different species of headphones altogether and if you own a pair, this article will come in handy. Cleanipedia has dedicated this space to revealing all the must-know tricks on how to clean your AirPods properly and carefully, from its earbuds to its charging case. 

You can also find out more about cleaning headphones and earphones in general but AirPods need an additional care, so that it is kept working properly and protected from any damage. Its charging case, in particular, also requires a differentiated attention to cleaning. 

Read on to discover how to clean your AirPods, and the case with our simple guide.

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Remember that your AirPods and their case are not waterproof or water resistant. Take extra care when cleaning and avoid exposing them to any moisture.

What do you need to clean your AirPods and EarPods?

Before we show you how to clean Apple earphones, you will need to get a few supplies together! These include:

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  • Lint-free cloth

  • Cotton bud

  • Microfibre cloth

  • Isopropyl alcohol

  • Soft bristled brush

How to clean AirPods: 3 easy steps for cleaning your Apple AirPods and EarPods

Here are three easy steps for you to follow to clean your AirPods and EarPods.

1.    Never use water or liquid to clean your AirPods and EarPods. Instead, use a soft, dry lint-free cloth.

2.    For the microphone and speaker meshes, gently rub them clean using a dry cotton bud.

3.    If you notice any loose debris in the microphone or speaker meshes, use a dry, clean, soft-bristled brush to gently removed it.

How to clean AirPods case: A 3 step guide to cleaning your Apple earphones case

Now you know how to clean your AirPods, here are three simple steps to clean your AiPod’s case.

1.    Dampen your microfibre cloth with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

2.    Start by removing any debris using a dry, clean, soft-bristled brush.

3.    Use the cloth to wipe your AirPods case clean. Take care not to allow any liquid to get into the charging ports.

Dos and don’ts of AirPod and EarPod cleaning: How to clean earbuds without damage

With these dos and don’ts you can easily clean your AirPods and EarPods without causing damage:

  • DON’T get water in your AirPods. 

  • DO dry your AirPods using a microfibre cloth if they come into contact with liquid such as sweat.

  • DON’T use sharp or abrasive materials to clean your AirPods as this will cause damage.

  • DO order a replacement if your AirPods become damaged by water.

With these easy to follow steps for how to clean your AirPods, you can keep them clean and hygenic and working their best. Now you have a step-by-step guide for how to clean Apple earbuds;learn all about cleaning IPad TV and computer screens, your iPhone speaker and even your iPhone with our Cleanipedia guides.

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