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Love eco-friendly cleaning? Here's why you need a steam cleaner in your life

Discover how steam cleaning can be a safe and eco-friendly way to clean your whole home.


By Cleanipedia Team

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If you’re looking for a safe, chemical-free way of cleaning then you’ll want a steam cleaner in your life. It’s the do-it-all eco solution that allows you to scrub your whole home (and more) simply using water and heat. It also sanitizes as it goes, destroying bacteria and germs.

Steam is a killer

It may not seem like it, but water is deadly. The high temperatures of steam cleaners are seriously bad news for bacteria, mites, mould and pet pests. You can even take out pathogens such as listeria and E. coli, so your surfaces are as clean as they can be – naturally. And when it comes to the little ones, it’s a sure-fire way to clean their bedrooms without introducing toxins or allergens.

What can I steam clean?

Steam cleaning is effective on most surfaces in the home. Carpets, tiles, glass, ceramics, fabrics, sinks and even kitchen appliances. Just don’t try to steam clean cardboard, delicate textiles, such as silk or velour, plastics and water-based paint – the results won’t be pretty and could be dangerous.

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Steam cleaning mattresses and upholstery

Water vapour is also very good at cleaning mattresses and furniture upholstery. It will happily tackle mites and bed bugs. For best results use attachments. For mattress surfaces, something broad is better, while a nozzle is great for getting into nooks and crannies. Then give it all a good vacuum to remove the debris.

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What else can I steam clean?

It’s not just great in the home — take a look around the shed and garage and think about steam cleaning fabric car seats, lawnmowers and golf clubs. It’s versatile enough to handle almost any washing and cleansing chore you can throw at it.

How to use a steam cleaner safely

We’re obviously dealing with hot, hot temperatures here — over 120°C — so proper skin and eye protection is vital. You’ll also need a few tools, as steam cleaners loosen up dirt but they can’t extract it, so best have a cloth or brush handy to actually remove all the yucky stuff.

Steam cleaning and your home: how to use steam cleaners in all rooms in your house

Professional steam cleaners and rentals

If you’re looking at a particularly large job, such as rooms and rooms of carpets, then hiring a heavy-duty cleaner may save time and money. You could also leave it to the pros, who have the expertise and equipment to tackle the most arduous or finicky tasks.

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