How to make your house smell nice, and your clothes too

Fragranced laundry will help you keep your home fresh and smelling beautiful. Read on for our easy step-by-step guide on how to make your house smell nice.

Updated 4 April 2023


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Key steps

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    Place your bowls of potpourri near a heat source to circulate their fragrance.

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    Use laundry powder with essential oils for beautiful and sophisticated scents on your clothes and around the home.

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    Neutralise, rather than mask, unpleasant smells with an odour-minimising spray.

Are you wondering how to make your house smell nice? Who isn’t? There’s nothing better than stepping through your front door and smelling something pleasant. Maybe it’s baking bread or freshly laundered linen. Whatever the fragrance, smelling good just makes it feel more like home.

In this article we help you reach fragrance heaven with a variety of tips and answers to the perennial question: how to make your house smell good.

Freshly laundered linens, washed in beautifully fragranced detergent like Surf, makes a room smell great. Check out their range of laundry liquids including Tropical Lilly & Ylang Ylang or Lavender & Spring Jasmine.

How to make your home smell nice: Top tips

1. Potpourri

If you’re wondering how to make a room smell nice, you could do worse than put a bowl or two of potpourri out. Scents have come a long way since the introduction of this household fragrance diffuser, and subtle options like vanilla or nutmeg will be a welcome addition to any home.

Potpourri can be cheaper than other types of household fragrance so you can save money while making your home smell good. Place your bowls of potpourri near heat sources (such as radiators) or in direct sunlight to help circulate those lovely smells and don’t forget to top up with a few drops of essential oils when the scent starts to wear off.

2. Laundry powder in old socks

Here’s a great tip if you’re wondering how to make your home smell nice: get some laundry powder (we love Persil’s classic laundry fragrance) and a few old, but clean socks. Put three tablespoons of the powder in each sock then tie up the end with a rubber band or simple stitch. Place your laundry powder filled socks in strategic places around the house – think under pillows, behind the sofa, at the back of the wardrobe.

These little bags slowly release their scent over time, giving that lovely laundry smell throughout your home. Don’t forget to change the contents every so often to keep things fresh though!

3. Essential oils

Speaking of laundry, if you want another possible solution to that pesky ‘how to make a house smell nice’ question then why not try simply washing your fabrics in Surf.

This laundry powder includes essential oils with beautiful fragrances. By washing your clothes in Surf and leaving them out to dry you’ll get the whole place smelling lovely – not to mention your clothes! Some of our favourite options include Spring Jasmine and Lemon and Mandarin.

4. Odour minimising spray

Finally, if you’re still wondering how to make your room smell nice, you could try attacking any problem areas with an odour minimising spray. These products don’t cover smells like air fresheners but neutralise unpleasant ones. Take a bottle and go through the house looking for suspect items which could be causing a smell: trainers, towels, bins and pet beds are all frequent offenders. You can find more tips on how to get rid of bad smells efficiently to keep your house fresh!  

Enjoy a fragrant home

So, there you have it. With a few different answers to the question ‘how to make a house smell good’ you have plenty of options to try in your home. Get stuck in with our tips and welcome delicate fragrances into your home, and laundry.

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