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Mood lighting ideas for every space in your home

Learn how to create a perfect party atmosphere or romantic night-in with our mood lighting ideas.


By Cleanipedia Team

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You don’t need to invest in a fancy new system to atmosphere lighting in your home. Here we’ll share some ideas on how to create mood lighting with the lamps, candles or fairy lights you already have, focusing on the bedroom and living room. With our mood lighting ideas, we’ll help you create a comfortable setting for a party, relaxing evening alone or even a romantic night-in.

You don’t have to spend a fortune installing new lighting to add something extra. Buy dimmer bulbs or ones that change colour to add atmosphere lighting to your home.

What is mood lighting?

Mood lighting is the use of different levels of brightness and alternating lighting colours to affect the mood and add a bit of atmosphere to a room.

Mood lighting: bedroom lighting ideas

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If you’re looking to add mood lighting in a bedroom, then look no further. Here we’ll share tips for the best lighting for bedrooms, whether you’re relaxing with a book before bed or having a romantic night in with your partner.

  1. Invest in a colour-changing LED lightbulb for your bedside lamps. This is a great, budget-friendly way to add some mood lighting to any room without needing to install expensive built-in mood lighting.

  2. Use dimmer bulbs or lamps to change the brightness levels of your lighting. This is a great way to dim the lights for those romantic moments with your partner or have a medium brightness for a late-night book reading before you head off to sleep.

  3. Up-lighting – blue shades of up-lighting in particular – is a great way to add a bit of calm to your bedroom. It is also conducive to a better night’s sleep, so why not give it a go?

  4. Candles are a great way to set the mood for a romantic night in. Candles have long been associated with calm, relaxing atmospheres as well as romance. Be sure to take care with open flames in your home, however. Always keep them out of reach of children and pets, on a flat surface and don’t forget to put them out before you sleep.

  5. Use small lights under your bed and around the headboard. This is a great way to really make the bed a feature of the room, and add a little something extra to your evenings in.

How to add mood lighting to a living room

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Mood lighting living rooms can be very creative as this space plays host to so many different activities. With these mood lighting ideas for your living room, you can be sure to set the scene for any party, movie night or evening in in quick, easy steps.

  • Add mood lighting to your living room with floor lamps. Upright free-standing lamps are a great way to add light to the corners of the room.

  • Lamps on table ends add the perfect finishing touch to a dinner party. This is a great alternative to a candle lit dinner if you’re wanting a romantic night in.

  • Add a happy atmosphere to any party with cream or yellow LED bulbs. Changing the colour of your lighting will have an amazing effect on the atmosphere of any party you host in your home.

  • Dim the lights for a cosy movie night. Whether you want to add to the drama of your favourite thriller with friends or fancy a romantic night in front of a soppy love story, dimming the lights will definitely do the trick.

  • Hang little pendant lights in the windows. For a cosy Scandi look, make your home look inviting and create some hygge vibes by hanging small pendant lights from your curtain rods. You can switch them out for stars at Christmas for a seasonal touch.

With our top mood lighting ideas, you can use lighting you already have at home to create an idyllic setting for everything from parties to romantic nights in.

Key steps

  • Dim the lights to add a calm, romantic atmosphere or add drama to movie nights with friends.

  • Blue lighting in your bedroom can encourage better sleep.

  • Yellow lighting is perfect for hosting a happy party at home.

  • Add a lamp to your table end as an alternative to a candle-lit dinner.

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