Pre-moving tips: how to pack up a house (and leave your troubles behind!)

Follow our easy moving house packing tips and learn how to pack up a house quickly.


duct tape for moving house

Key steps

Remember these golden packing tips for moving:

  1. Make a thorough plan of everything you need to do before you start.
  2. Get others to help – many hands make light work!
  3. Hire professionals well in advance (if using them).
  4. Pack and unpack one room at a time, keeping all boxes for each room together.

Knowing how to pack for a move can seem pretty complicated. You have a lifetime’s worth of stuff in your home and need to get every last thing in boxes. It can feel like a mountain to climb. Thankfully, our moving house packing tips are here to help!

Plan well in advance for a smooth and stress-free move. Try making a to-do list separated by week to begin with, then by day as you get closer to moving time. This way you can keep on top of everything one task at a time.

How to pack to move house: planning and preparing

The first stage is the most important. Plan early, and thoroughly, to reduce stress.

  • Make sure you have everything you’re going to need. This includes boxes but also packing tape, insulation, marker pens and ideally a few spare pairs of hands!
  • Plan what you’ll pack, when, and how. Which areas are you going to tackle first? What items need protecting? How many boxes can you reasonably fit in one load?
  • Share your plans with your movers. Whether this is a professional service or just friends and family, make sure everyone knows your system. Why not divide your moving house checklist among those in your household to make it easier to manage?

How to pack up a house: process

Once you have your plan, it’s time to begin packing to move:

  1. Pack what you don’t need first. Think out-of-season clothes, sentimental items, books and trinkets. Leave rooms like the kitchen until last.
  2. Pack one room at a time. Keep the boxes in that room until they’re ready to be loaded.
  3. Label your boxes clearly. If you don’t fancy writing the name of the room on every box then use another system – like colour-coded tapes.
  4. Don’t overpack your boxes. Have a “no more than 10kg per box” rule to ensure you can lift you boxes easily and to reduce the risk of strain or physical harm.
  5. Use stuffing to protect breakables. Wrap anything fragile in bubble wrap or paper. Pad out empty gaps in the box with scrunched up newspaper and make sure you don’t place heavy items on these boxes. Load them last into vehicles and carry carefully.
  6. Move large furniture first. Get big items out of the way first on moving day, then focus on your heaviest boxes. You’re likely to have more energy at the beginning.

How to unpack a house: post-moving tips

Once you’ve got everything packed up, it’s time to unpack them all again! Try and get into the habits of putting boxes in the room they belong to as you move in and unpack one room at a time, starting with the kitchen and bathroom.

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