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How to clean a washing machine with soda crystals

Read on to discover our super simple guide for how to clean a washing machine with soda crystals.


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Key steps

  • Clean your machine once a month.
  • Empty your machine first.
  • Use 500g of soda crystals in a long, hot wash cycle.
  • If this is first time you’ve used them on your machine, repeat this process at least twice.
  • Add some soda crystals to your usual washes to protect your machine.

Soda crystals are a natural compound that has traditionally been used in cleaning all around the home, from laundry to drain cleaning. While specialised cleaners are more appropriate for both these tasks, one useful trick to know is how to clean a washing machine with soda crystals.

If you live in a hard water area, try cleaning with citric acid every other month (as well as a monthly soda crystals wash), to remove limescale.

What are soda crystals?

For over 100 years, we have been using soda crystals (also known as washing soda) for all sorts of cleaning purposes. They can be used to soften water, loosen dirt and dissolve grease. They’re free from enzymes and phosphates, making them a good option for people who suffer from sensitive skin issues such as eczema or psoriasis.

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Your essential cleaning kits from trusted brands

How to clean your washing machine with soda crystals: a step-by-step method

With the following steps, we’ll show you how to use soda crystals to clean the washing machine in your home. To keep it clean and in top working order, repeat this process at least once a month.

  1. Make sure your washing machine is empty.
  2. Place 500g of soda crystals into your washing machine drum.
  3. Run the longest, hottest cycle. This will eliminate dirt, grime and bacteria.
  4. Repeat steps 2–4 at least twice if this is the first time you’ve cleaned with soda crystals.
  5. For further washing machine cleaning advice, read our article on how to clean a washing machine rubber door seal.

How to use soda crystals in washing machine cycles: keep your machine trouble-free

Soda crystals aren’t just great for cleaning your washing machine, they can keep your machine working smoothly if you use them during laundry cycles.

  • Add a few soda crystals to your regular wash. Here’s our guide to how much to use depending on your water type:
    • Medium: 25g
    • Hard: 50g
    • Very hard: 75g
  • Simply add your chosen measure of soda crystals alongside your usual laundry detergent, in the detergent drawer or the drum.
  • There are other natural cleaners that can help keep your washing machine trouble-free. If you live in an area of hard water, you may need to deal with limescale. Every other month, run an empty wash on a high heat with 250g of citric acid to clean away limescale.

With this simple guide, you now know what soda crystals are and how to use them! For more natural cleaning alternatives advice, check out our article on 10 uses for baking soda.    

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