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How to keep clothes smelling fresh in drawers and closets

Find out how to keep clothes smelling fresh in closet drawers and storage, and get that just-washed scent whenever you pull them on.

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The last thing you want when you are picking an outfit from your wardrobe is to discover that the fresh, just-washed scent has gone from the material. But with a few clever laundry tricks for how to make clothes smell fresher for longer, you can always start your day with clean and fragrant clothes. Here's how to keep clothes smelling fresh after washing, until it's time for their next outing from the wardrobe!

Avoid leave your clothes sitting in the washing machine for hours after the wash, or they'll start smell a bit musty. Dry or hang them up as soon as possible after the cycle's done!
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How to keep clothes smelling fresh in drawers

Clothes that you store in drawers, from underwear to t-shirts, can easily lose their fresh scent between wash and wear. Here are are few tips for how to keep clothes smelling fresh in storage:

  1. Tuck dryer sheets into your clothes drawers

    After drying your clothes with Comfort Intense tumble dryer sheets to boost freshness from the dryer, don't throw them away: used dryer sheets still hold fragrance, so a great hack for how to keep clothes smelling fresh in drawers is to tuck them into the corners and let the fragrance diffuse onto the clothes.

  2. Keep a small mesh bag of potpourri among your folded clothes.

    It'll help to keep musty odours at bay in your wardrobe drawers.

  3. Store unused bar soap in your clothes drawers

    On first thought, this may seem like a usual location to store soap, but it's actually a great answer for how to keep clothes smelling fresh in closet drawers. Keep the soap wrapped in tissue paper to protect your clothes... and keep it out of the drawer once you've lathered it up, of course.

How to keep laundry smelling fresh: extra tips

Here are a few extra tips for keeping your clothes smelling fresh:

  1. Refresh your clothes

    Keep a bottle of Day 2 Dry Wash handy and apply, smooth and wait for 15 minutes. This will let you wear your clothes a second day before washing them. They’ll still look and smell great!

  2. Use fabric conditioner

    Use your favourite fabric conditioner in your washing machine to make sure they smell fresh. We like Comfort fabric conditioners.

  3. Don't leave damp clothes in the machine

    Always remove your clothes from the washing machine as soon as possible once the cycle is complete, this will prevent any excess loss of that just washed smell to the smell of damp due to them being wet.

  4. Use the power of nature

    Try drying your clothes outside to give them a breath of fresh air and keep them smelling great.

How to keep clothes smelling fresh in closet storage

One key step to making sure your clothes stay fresh when they're hanging up is knowing how to keep the wardrobe fresh, so if your clothes smell musty it's a good idea to first check if there are any damp problems in your wardrobe. If not, then the principals of keeping them fresh inside drawers still apply, with a few added tips for freshening up items on hangers. Here’s how to keep clothes smelling fresh in closet storage:

  1. Hang a piece of tissue paper sprayed with your favourite eau de toilette in between your clothes.

    This will infuse your clothing with the scent and keep your threads smelling great.

  2. Coffee grounds are great for absorbing bad odours.

    Having a small bowl of them at the bottom of your closet will help to keep musty scents away.

  3. Try to keep your wardrobe space well-ventilated.

    Knowing how to keep the wardrobe fresh will help to prevent the build-up of musty odours.

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Now you have all the tips you need for how to keep your clothes smelling fresh from wash to wear, you can ensure that when you pick your outfit from the closet it will smell perfect and ready to wear.

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