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How to remove egg stains

No one likes to have egg on their face … or on their shirt. Learn how to remove egg stains easily with this quick cleaning guide to egg stain removal.


By Cleanipedia Team

Boiled egg and toast soldier with egg stain on yellow surface
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Key steps

  • Begin removing the egg stain as soon as possible

  • Use a biological laundry detergent, such as Persil Bio, to shift stains on clothes and fabric upholstery

  • Try using lemon juice to neutralise any remaining eggy smells

How do you like your eggs in the morning? We’re guessing sunny side up – but definitely not down your freshly washed shirt. Whether you prefer them fried or as an ingredient in your protein shake, all it takes is one false move and you’ll end up with a real mess on your hands. And if you’ve ever decorated eggs with children during Easter time, well, you’ll certainly be aware of the dangers of anything less than hard-boiled.

Of course, there’s no reason to ban eggs from your home – like any spillage, the trick with egg stain removal is to act fast. Follow our easy guide to get rid of stains on a variety of surfaces:

Nobody likes that ‘eggy smell’ – the kind that often occurs after you’ve cooked eggs or stored them in the fridge for a while. To combat this, simply wash or soak your used containers or utensils with lemon juice. Its natural enzymes will neutralise lingering odours.

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How to Remove Egg Stains from Clothes

Kids (and adults) love egg and soldiers for breakfast, but things can get messy. If you’ve wondered “does egg stain?” after getting it dripped down your favourite shirt then don’t worry – follow this guide to rescue your clothes from dippy egg disasters:

  • Use a spoon to remove as much of the egg residue as possible.

  • Using a damp cloth, sponge the stain with salt water to loosen it.

  • Put the item of clothing in the wash with a detergent designed to tackle stains like Persil 3in1 Bio Capsules– just remember to check the care label of your garment and test any new cleaning products on a small patch of fabric beforehand.

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Remove Egg Stains from Carpet and Upholstery

If you’ve spilt yolk on your carpet or sofa, don’t worry. Simply do the following:

  • Mix a small amount of laundry detergent with warm water and rub lightly using a microfiber cloth – remember to test a small patch first!

  • If the egg stain is still visible, try rubbing it using a damp cloth and a small amount of neat white vinegar. Sometimes stubborn stains take a while to remove from thicker fabrics.

How to Remove an Egg Stain from Windows and Doors

If you prefer to hand out apples rather than sweets, Halloween can result in mischievous kids getting their own back on your house. To get rid of residual or dried mess, do the following:

  • Get rid of the egg as soon as possible – once it dries, the tougher it gets! Remove it while wet using a damp cloth and washing up liquid.

  • If the egg has settled or dried, scrub the area using a household cleaner that has a high alkaline or pH level – repeat the process until the stain has been completely dislodged.

  • Hose down the area to finish.

Dropping an egg doesn’t have to spell disaster – with our quick and easy tips you’ll know how to remove egg stains from a variety of surfaces in and around the home. Need more help? Read our other advice on how to tackle food and drink stains such as pasta saucecurry, or red wine!

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