How to remove hair dye stains

Not sure how to remove hair dye from carpet or get hair dye out of your clothes? Our handy guide has all the tips and tricks you need to get the job done.


how to remove hair dye from skin

Key Steps:

  • Avoid rubbing hair dye stains further into the fabric or carpet
  • Apply liquid detergent like Persil to the stain as soon as possible
  • Always wash according to the fabric care label or instruction

Thinking of dyeing your hair? It might be more convenient than going to the hairdressers, but dyeing your hair at home can prove to be a messy business if you’re not careful!

Accidents are inevitable, but whether you want to know how to remove hair dye stain from carpet and upholstery or how to get rid of a tell-tale mark on your favourite jumper – we’ve got all the hair dye stain removal tips you need.

Read on to find out how to turn a hair disaster into a near miss.

Use petroleum jelly on your hairline to stop hair dye from staining your skin. Don’t forget to put an old towel around your shoulders to protect clothes, too!

How to Remove Hair Dye from Carpet and Upholstery

A dark-brown hair dye stain on a cream carpet or sofa cushion doesn’t have to be permanent – follow these simple steps to help remove it.

  • First, don’t panic. You might be tempted to grab the nearest towel and rub vigorously, but this will only spread the stain and make it worse. Instead, gently blot with a cloth to soak up any surface liquid.

Do you use powder, capsules or liquid to wash your clothes?

  • Next, dilute some washing up liquid in lukewarm water and soak a clean cloth in the solution. Use this to dab the stain, before leaving it to soak in for a few minutes, then blot with a dry cloth.
  • If the stain is still there, repeat the previous step, this time with a solution of diluted white vinegar or isopropyl alcohol (also known as rubbing alcohol). Isopropyl alcohol can affect the colour of your carpet, so be sure to test on a hidden part before use.
  • Finally, rinse with water and leave to dry.

How to Remove Hair Dye from Clothes

When you’re mid-dye, merely scratching your nose can result in stains transferring to your clothes. But don’t worry! Follow these steps for straightforward hair dye stain removal:

  • Before dyeing your hair, wrap an old towel around your shoulders and place sheets on nearby surfaces. Don’t forget to put on the plastic gloves that come in the box, too!
  • As soon as you spot a stain on fabric, apply a liquid laundry detergent like Persil directly to the affected area with a damp cloth. Gently work the detergent into the stain and rinse thoroughly with cold water.
  • If the stain is still visible after the wash, soak the clothes overnight in a bucket of warm water and diluted laundry detergent or oxygen bleach.

Don’t forget: Read the clothing care label before use and wash according to the instructions.

With these tips, knowing how to remove hair dye needn’t be a mystery anymore. Next time you’re giving your hair a new colour, make sure you preserve your clothes and carpets with our tips.

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