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How to remove sun cream from clothes

These tips for how to remove sunscreen stains will help get your clothes ready for another day.


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By Cleanipedia Team

sun cream stains
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  • Cornstarch, talcum powder and sands are great quick fixes if you can’t treat stains straight away.

  • Keep products like Persil close at hand ready to wash your clothes and remove sunscreen stains.

  • Lemon juice and sun are great natural bleaching agents for sun scream stains on white clothes.

A quick pre-treatment is a great way to remove sun cream from clothes as it helps to break up oily enzymes that cause sun cream stains.

Getting some vitamin D from the sunshine once it finally arrives is a joy every summer, and an essential part of spending time out in the sun is sunscreen. However, sun cream has a way of getting everywhere, including on your clothes. Worry not, though; we have some top tips for how to remove sun cream from clothes.

Why do clothes get sun cream stains?

Oily enzymes found in the ingredients of sun cream can cause greasy shadows on darker clothes covered in sun cream stains. White clothes with sun cream stains tend to have stains of a yellowish tint instead. It’s simple enough to learn how to remove sun cream from clothes, especially if you’re using a good quality detergent like Persil.

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How to remove sun cream from clothes

Sometimes if you are out and about, or in a rush, you may not be able to treat sun cream stains straight away, so here are two tips for how to remove sun cream from clothes fast:

  1. Remove any large or solid pieces from the clothing by gently scraping with a blunt tool, lika a spoon, and sprinkle a little talcum powder or cornstarch over the stain and leave for ten to fifteen minutes to absorb sun cream oils.

  2. If you’re at the beach, you have a great stain remover at your disposal… simply use the sand! After allowing it to absorb the oils for around fifteen minutes, brush the sand off and your clothes can be worn until you can get them into the wash.

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How to get sun cream stains out of white clothes

There is no need to worry about how to remove yellow sunscreen stains from clothes because they often look worse than they are. Bleaching your white clothing in one of the following three ways will help you to treat sun cream stains and get your clothes back to a wearable condition.

  • Hanging your white clothes outside in the sun is a great way to naturally bleach away the sun cream stains in a way that is safe and also gentle on your clothes.

  • For particularly stubborn stains, a squirt of lemon juice applied directly onto the yellowed area before drying outside in the sun can strengthen the bleaching results.

  • A diluted chemical bleaching agent can also be applied directly to the stains. Be sure to read the packaging, only work in an area you can keep well ventilated preferably near an open window, and ensure you keep your children and pets away from the chemicals.

These top tips for how to remove sun cream from clothes will help you get your clothes back to their original usable condition and ready to wear for another day.

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