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How to use washing capsules: the definitive guide

Not sure which type of laundry detergent to use? Read on to find out why capsules are a convenient choice, the difference between bio and non-bio washing capsules, and tips on how to use detergent capsules safely.


how to use washing capsules - the definitive guide

Key Steps

  1. Only use one detergent capsule at a time.
  2. Do not cut or tear the laundry capsule – you want to keep it intact and dry.
  3. Put the capsule in the washing machine at the back of the drum.
  4. Then, add your laundry. Don’t overfill your machine, as this might prevent the capsule from working as it should.
  5. If you find any detergent residue on your clothes, don’t worry! This might be because the washing machine was too full. Rinse the garments.
  6. Remember, always follow the instructions on the label.

Does the laundry detergent section at the shop seem to expand every time you go to refill your detergent supply? There are so many options for so many different laundry needs that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The latest trend comes in the form of laundry capsules – pods of concentrated laundry detergent in a variety of bright colours, packaged in plastic boxes or pouches.

We are here to answer every question you have about washing capsules: how to use them, why to use them, and where to store them! The chances that you already know how to use laundry detergent are pretty high – after all, detergent is necessary to keep you and your family in clean, bright, stain-free clothes!

Detergent capsules make doing the laundry easier than ever, as they are simple to use and there’s no need to measure anything.

Common questions about laundry capsules

First things first: What is a laundry capsule?

A capsule contains concentrated liquid detergent (and sometimes powdered ingredients, too) that has not only been pre-measured to the correct dosage, but is also extremely handy to use.

Why should I use this form of detergent?

Laundry capsules are a great form of detergent because they’re really convenient and simple to use. They save you from guessing dosage, adding in more than one product, and from sticky laundry room spills. As long as you carefully follow the instructions below and on the container, capsules will dissolve completely in the wash, plus an extra benefit is that the packaging they come in is usually recyclable. Eco-friendly and easy to use? It’s no wonder washing capsules are so popular!

How to use detergent capsules

Simply toss one capsule into the drum before adding a load of clothes! It doesn’t matter if you use a top or front loader, just pop it in before you add the rest of your load. Make sure you don’t overload the machine; capsules need enough space to move freely and properly dissolve. Refer to the packaging of the capsules and the care labels of the clothing you’re washing to determine what temperature is best.

What is the difference between bio and non-bio washing capsules?

Just as with other types of detergent, there are bio and non-bio washing capsules. The bio capsules have the extra stain-removing power of enzymes, while non-bio capsules don't contain enzymes and are better if you're washing clothes to be used on sensitive skin.

What is most important to you when buying a laundry product?

Storing laundry capsules safely

  • Store the container in a safe place. Storing washing capsules properly is critical if you have pets or little ones roaming around. Despite being extra handy for adults, they can resemble sweets in a child’s eyes – so it’s important to take appropriate child safety precautions when it comes to capsules. Be sure to store the container on a high self or in a locked cupboard, out of reach of kids and pets.
  • Reseal the container after each use. Once you’ve finished with the capsule container always remember to securely close the lid straight away and place the container back in it’s safe storage location.

No matter what form of detergent you choose, ensure you are following the instructions on the packaging, especially if you’re trying a new brand. Less is better for concentrated detergents! For more info on different kinds of laundry detergent, read our article.


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