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How to wash cashmere

Read on to discover our simple guide for how to wash cashmere both in the machine and by hand.


By Cleanipedia Team

how to wash cashmere
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Key steps

  • Always check the care label first.

  • If machine washing cashmere, always use a cold, gentle cycle.

  • Never use fabric conditioner.

  • When washing by hand, always use cold water.

  • Leave your cashmere to soak for 30 minutes.

  • Rinse thoroughly, taking care not to wring the fabric.

  • Always air-dry cashmere.

Cashmere is a gorgeously soft and luxurious material which requires more careful maintenance than garments knitted from other types of wool. If you want to know the correct process for how to wash cashmere jumpers and other items, this guide has you covered. 

Whilst we recommend using a gentle detergent like Persil Non-Bio for washing cashmere, it’s best to avoid fabric conditioner, which could cause wear to the fabric as it flattens the surface structure.

How to care for cashmere: a simple step-by-step guide to washing cashmere

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With this quick and easy guide, you will learn how to wash cashmere both in the washing machine and by hand.

1.    Always check the cashmere care label. In the same way as when you’re washing wool hats, scarves, and more, you need to take extra care when washing cashmere.

2.    While you can machine wash cashmere, we recommend you wash cashmere by hand to prolong the life of your garment. Still want to use a washing machine? Below are important tips for how to wash cashmere using a gentle wash cycle:

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  • Use a gentle detergent such a Persil Non-Bio to ensure that you get the best results while taking care of the material.

  • Try to avoid using fabric conditioners as they may cause the fabric to wear out more quickly.

  • Use the delicate or wool cycle for washing a cashmere jumper and other cashmere items.

  • Always wash on a cold wash.

  • Wash cashmere in a mesh laundry bag to prevent snagging.

  • Never use a tumble dryer to dry cashmere.

3.    If you decide not to machine wash, the below steps will guide you through the process of how to hand wash cashmere.

  • Fill a bowl or your bathtub with cold water.

  • Add one cup of gentle detergent.

  • Place your cashmere item(s) into the water.

  • Use your fingers to gently move the fabric around in the water.

  • Leave to soak for around half an hour.

  • Rinse thoroughly under cold, clean water.

  • Never wring your cashmere as this could alter the shape of your jumper or other items.

  • Always let cashmere air-dry. For the best results, lay your cashmere items out flat in their original shape on top of a dry towel.

4.    If you have other knitted pieces that need a clean, we also have a guide to how to wash wool jumpers!

Now you have a complete guide to washing cashmere both in the washing machine and also by hand. With these steps, you can be sure to take good care of your cashmere garments to prolong their life.

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