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How to remove nail varnish from clothes

It's so easy to get wet nail varnish on your clothes! But do you know how to remove it? Read on for tips on removing nail varnish.


how to remove nail varnish from clothes

Key Steps:

  1. Always check the label of your garment before attempting stain removal.
  2. Use a blunt tool to carefully remove any excess nail polish or dried on flakes.
  3. If the stain doesn’t come out on the first try, repeat the stain removal process.
  4. Do not dry an item that is still stained, this will only further set the stain.

Whether you’re in a rush or seem to lack a steady hand, getting nail varnish on your outfit is a rather common mishap. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to remove unwanted nail varnish stains – simply read this guide on how to remove nail varnish from clothes and pick the right method for you. If you've managed to spill nail polish on your carpet, we have the answers for you here.

The solutions will differ depending on the type of fabric that has been stained, but each method is just as effective and will remove nail polish from clothes without leaving any damage. Just ensure that you always check the care label on your garment in order to identify the type of material at hand.

When using substances like nail varnish remover to get rid of stains on clothing, it’s important to wash them thoroughly afterwards to remove any residue. Use a detergent with stain-fighting properties and check the clothing’s care label first

Has your lifestyle during the Covid-19 lockdown affected the type of stains you get on your clothes?

How to Remove Nail Polish from Clothes that are Washable

Removing nail varnish from clothes that are washable is simpler than dry clean only items and can easily be attempted at home. For great results, try this method for washable clothes:

  1. Carefully remove any excess nail polish with a blunt tool.
  2. Then take acetone nail polish remover and test it on a small piece of fabric that’s not visible when you’re wearing your garment to ensure that the colour doesn’t run.
  3. Soak a cloth or pad with acetone and then dab it onto the stained area.
  4. It is recommended that you avoid using vigorous motions to keep from damaging the fibres.
  5. If the stain remains, try using a fresh cloth or pad and repeat the process.
  6. Once completed, leave your fabric to dry.

If these steps have not removed the nail polish stain, you can either try applying a dry cleaning solvent or seek professional help at your local dry cleaners.The following materials are washable:

  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Linen

Removing Nail Varnish From Delicate Clothes

Certain fabrics are more delicate than others and cannot be washed in the washing machine. Therefore it’s important to take note of the following list in order to prevent damage when removing nail varnish from clothes, and be sure to always check the care label on your garment for guidance.

Potential dry clean only fabrics include:

  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Modacrylic
  • Rayon
  • Acetate

The following steps are a handy way to remove nail polish from clothes without causing any damage to delicate items. As with the last method, make sure that you test your cleaning solution on a small, hidden area of the fabric first.

  1. Firstly, attempt to remove excess nail polish by scraping off any solid chunks or flakes. Use a relatively blunt tool in order to keep from damaging the fabric.
  2. Make a dry spotter out of one part coconut or mineral oil to eight parts dry cleaning solvent and apply to the stain as a pre treatment.
  3. Leave the dry spotter to set for a few minutes.
  4. Next, blot the area with a pad or cloth so that the nail varnish can be absorbed.
  5. Keep blotting until the stain has been lifted.
  6. Allow the area to dry.

If the nail varnish is proving to be rather difficult to remove, seek help from a professional dry cleaning service to avoid damaging the fabric with multiple attempts.

Whether you are dealing with washable or delicate, dry clean only fabrics, both solutions are straightforward and don’t require much of your time. Give them a go!


Your essential cleaning kits from trusted brands

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