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What is a smart washing machine and smart laundry?

Ever wondered how an internet-connected washing machine works? Did you know it’s a washing machine that texts you? Discover the benefits of having one here!


By Cleanipedia Team

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It’s troubling enough having to drag the laundry basket over to the washing machine, separate the colours from the whites, and fill the washing machine with your beloved clothes and detergent. Why wait at home for the cycles to finish? Switching to an internet-connected washing machine that you can set remotely via your phone really comes in handy. You’ll never have to waste another sunny afternoon doing laundry! 

To really get the most out of your smart washing machine, it’s essential that you choose the right laundry detergent and fabric softener for your clothes. Just remember to follow the instructions on the product label.

What is a smart washer and dryer?

Smart washing machines and dryers are innovative appliances that can connect to a network via wi-fi, in the same way that tablets or phones do. You can control the washing machine using an app on your tablet or smartphone, whether you’re in the house or away.

How do auto-dosing washing machines work?

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Auto-dosing washing machines can automatically dose your detergent and fabric conditioner, and you can fill up with a month’s worth of detergent and fabric conditioner at a time – this means you don’t have to dose the product yourself every time you want to do a load of washing. The machine will adjust the amount it adds depending on certain factors about your washing, like how dirty or heavy your clothes are.  Another difference is that, as long as your smartphone or tablet is compatible with 3G networks, you’re able to control the washing machine with your phone via the manufacturer’s app wherever you are. Simply install the app and follow the registration process!

Most smart auto-dosing washing machines work in the same way. Once you have registered, simply fill the machine with your clothes and add laundry detergent and fabric softener into the auto-dispenser. Now, set your wash and enjoy the extra time with your family! You can do all your washing for the next month or so without having to dose the product yourself each time. Also, most machines will still allow you to add a different detergent separately for certain loads – like if you wanted to use Persil Silk and Wool for a particular load, but have Persil Bio in the auto-dispenser.

Smart washing machine features

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Here are some of the features that make smart washing machines must-have devices:

  • Remotely control your washing from anywhere using your smartphone app: instantly start or pause your wash, choose cycles, monitor the remaining time, and receive finishing alerts!

  • Auto-dosing washing machines will dose your products for you: just fill it up once a month or so and leave the machine to do the rest.

  • Capacity: smart washers come in several sizes, some letting you wash up to 12kg of laundry in a single load. For smaller loads, smart washers analyse the weight and only use the exact amount of energy and water needed.

  • New technology: some smart washers in the market come with advanced features, such as compatibility with voice control systems or eco bubble technology. This technology froths detergent with air and water before the cycle begins to generate cleansing bubbles, which penetrate the fabrics faster and work as effectively in cool water as in warm water.

  • Troubleshooting help: one of the biggest benefits of smart washers and dryers that text you is that they can detect and notify you of any problems in your machine instantly via the app, such as blocked filters, saving time and avoiding the cost of an engineer. The app also lets you know of significant issues that need to be fixed by an engineer.

  • Less vibration and noise during the washes: allows you to do laundry anywhere and at any time, without disturbing neighbours or a sleeping cat!

  • Keeping clothes fresh: smart washing machines can lightly tumble the clothes every couple of minutes to give them enough air, preventing them to take on a musty smell until you can intervene.

  • Safety: doesn’t allow the cycle to start if the door is open or the machine isn’t connected to the water supply.

Why buy a wi-fi enabled, auto-dosing washing machine?

If you’re always in a rush to get out of the house and sometimes forget to start the wash cycle, having a smart washing machine allows you start your wash via the app when you’re on the move. You will also be able to track the progress of the wash with your phone and receive a notification letting you know when it’s ready to be unloaded. Also – no more dosing the product yourself each time. The machine will do that for you. Just fill it up each month and you are ready to go!

A smart auto-dosing washing machine can make your life much easier, saving you time, using less energy and water, and tailoring your home to your needs. Whether or not to purchase a smart washing machine will depend on your lifestyle. If you’ll make use of its remote capabilities and enjoy being able to control it with a touch of your phone, then a smart washing machine is ideal for you! Unsure what other smart cleaning gadgets there are? Read our article on creating a smart home here.

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