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How to keep clothes smelling fresh in drawers and closets?

You can keep clothes smelling fresh in closets and in storage, to enjoy that just-washed scent each and every time.

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Clothes in Storage

The last thing you want when you are picking an outfit from your wardrobe is to discover that the fresh, just-washed scent is gone, replaced with that old kulob smell. You want flowery fragrances, not amoy baul. Using a few clever laundry tricks to make clothes smell fresher for longer, you can always start your day with clean and fragrant clothes. Here's how to keep clothes smelling fresh after washing, until it's time for their next outing from the closet!

Don’t  leave your clothes sitting in the washing machine for hours after the wash, or they'll start smelling a bit musty. They should smell sweet, and not like dishcloths or trapos. To avoid this, dry or hang them up as soon as possible after the cycle's done!

How to keep clothes smelling fresh in drawers: Clothes that you store in drawers, from underwear to t-shirts, can easily lose their fresh scent between the time you wash and the time you wear them. Here are a few tips to keep clothes smelling fresh in storage, however long you store them: 1. Keep a small mesh bag of fragrance beads among your folded clothes. It'll help to keep stale and musty odors at bay in your wardrobe drawers and likewise imparts a pleasant fragrance to your clothes. 2. Store unused bar soap in your clothes drawers. On first thought, this may seem like an unusual location to store soap, but it's actually a great answer to keep clothes smelling fresh in closet drawers. Keep the soap wrapped in tissue paper to protect your clothes... and keep it out of the drawer once you've actually used and lathered it up, of course.

Here are a few extra tips for keeping your clothes smelling fresh:

  1. Use a fragrant fabric conditioner

    Use your favorite fabric conditioner in your washing machine to make sure they smell fresh. We recommend washing with Surf Fabric Conditioner, not only can it make your clothes smell good when dried indoors but they also smell great even under the sun.

  2. Don't leave damp clothes in the machine

    Always remove your clothes from the washing machine as soon as possible once the cycle is complete, this will preserve that just-washed smell. This also prevents the unpleasant smell of the damp trapo effect due to them staying wet longer than needed.

  3. Use the power of nature

    Try drying your clothes outside just like mama did to give them a blast of cleansing sun and a breath of fresh air to keep them smelling great. Iba rin ang bilad power.

How to keep clothes smelling fresh in closet storage

One key step to making sure your clothes stay fresh when they're hanging in your closet is knowing how to keep the whole aparador fresh. So if your clothes smell musty it's a good idea to first check if there are any damp problem areas in your closet. If there are none, then the rules of keeping them fresh inside drawers still apply, with a few added tips for freshening up items on hangers. Here’s how to keep clothes smelling fresh in closet storage:

  1. Hang a piece of tissue paper sprayed with your favourite eau de toilette or light cologne in between your clothes.

    This will infuse your clothing with the pleasant scent and keep your threads smelling great.

  2. Coffee grounds are great for absorbing bad odors

    Keeping a small bowl of them at the bottom of your closet will help to keep musty scents away.

  3. Try to keep your closet space well-ventilated.

    Knowing how to keep the wardrobe freshly aired will help to prevent the build-up of musty odors.

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Now you have all the tips you need to keep your clothes smelling fresh from wash to wear. You can be sure that when you pick your outfit from the closet it will smell perfect and ready to wear.

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Frequently asked questions on keeping clothes smelling fresh

How do you preserve a scent on clothing

Scents will naturally dissipate over time, so if you're looking for the best ideas of how to preserve a scent on clothing, your best option is to store the item in an airtight container such as vacuum pack airtight bags. To avoid cross contamination of scents, always bag up items in individual storage.

How long do clothes last in storage?

itive time frame for which clothing can be stored. You should be able to do so indefinitely if you follow the correct steps prior to placing them in storage. If you are planning to store your clothing long term and want to keep them in the best condition possible, always wash and dry them thoroughly, avoid storing them in plastic bags, and place them in a storage area that is cool, clean, dry and dark.

How do you remove smell from clothes in rainy season?

When you make it to April, you are likely to start preparing for the start of the rainy season – and from May onwards it can become quite difficult to wash and dry your laundry without it ending up smelling less than fresh. If you're wondering how to remove smell from clothes in rainy season, we've got you covered. The easiest, most natural option is to use a little white vinegar or baking soda in your wash alongside the detergent. This will help to neutralize any odors. You should also dry them as soon as you can inside – don't try and wait out the rain!

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