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Learn how to iron clothes the easy way

Read on to discover some top ironing clothes tips to help you learn how to iron clothes correctly.


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Key steps

  • Make sure your iron is clean.
  • Check the care label to ensure your clothing is iron safe.
  • Iron items which need the lowest setting first.
  • Always smooth out wrinkles so you don’t iron them in place.
  • Don’t forget to iron both sides.

Does it feel like you're wasting hours trying to iron your work shirts or linen dresses? Learn how to make the most of your time by learning how to iron clothes properly, using our easy step-by-step guide. Once you know how, the burden of ironing might well just turn into a heap of joy.

Always iron the clothing which requires the lowest heat setting first, and work your way up. It is easier to heat your iron up than to cool it down!

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How to iron clothes: A simple guide

Understanding how to use steam iron is easy, as long as you know the right steps to take. So, here is our simple step-by-step guide for how to iron linen, clothes and more.

  1. Make sure your iron is clean. This is especially important if you plan to use the steam function, as you don’t want to leave marks or stains behind. For advice on this step, read our article on how to clean an iron.
  2. Always check the care label. The first step in understanding how to iron linen, clothes and more is to make sure that the items can be ironed.
    • Check for the iron-safe symbol.
    • If you can’t see the symbol, check the material. Read the manual for your iron and check which setting is suitable. For example, a low setting is suitable for acetate or rayon; a medium setting is suitable for polyester; and a high setting is suitable for cotton.
  3. Get your area set up. The best place to iron is using an ironing board, as it is designed to absorb heat and moisture. Never iron on any surfaces which are flammable.
  4. Fill up your iron with water. This is needed for the steam function.
    • Usually your iron with have a water reservoir with an entry point near the top edge of the iron.
    • For the best results use filtered water. This will help you avoid calcium build up and clogged steam spouts.
  5. Heat up the iron by turning the dial to the setting required for the clothing you’re are planning to iron.
  6. Start with items which require a low heat setting, followed by medium and finally high.
  7. Use these ironing clothes tips to get your clothing ironed correctly.
    • Lay out your clothing so it is wrinkle-free, completely flat on the ironing board.
    • Run your iron firmly and slowly across the fabric, ensuring you smooth out any wrinkles, you don’t want to iron them in place!
    • Don’t forget each part of the items of clothing or linen will need individually ironing. For example, to iron a shirt:
      1. Smooth out the collar first.
      2. Iron the cuffs.
      3. Move on to ironing the sleeves.
      4. Step four is to iron the shoulders.
      5. Finally, iron across the front and back of the main body of the shirt.
    • Never allow your iron to rest in any one spot on the fabric you’re currently ironing. This could lead to burns or even cause a fire!
    • Make sure you do both, sides of the clothing!

8. Use a coat hanger to immediately hang up your clothing once it is ironed.

From shirt ironing tips to a simple step-by-step method to using an iron, this guide gives you everything you need to know about how to iron clothes without iron burns or marks !


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