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How to Declutter & Organize Your Home

Tired of being surrounded by clutter? Make a fresh start with our guide to organizing and clearing out your home – it's full of handy tips & advice.


how to organize and declutter your home

If you’re trying to declutter your home but don’t know how to start, then this is the guide for you.

The more familiar something is, the harder it is to see properly – and nothing is more familiar than your own home. An excellent trick, used by artists to get a fresh perspective on their work, is to view the room through a mirror. Try it and see if you can spot the mess!

Decluttering the Kitchen: Efficiency Tips

Kitchens always seem to manage to get cluttered up with odd tools and appliances. At its most basic, clutter comes down to inefficiency: having more than you need for the space that you have.

Go through your appliances one by one and ask yourself these three questions.

  1. What does this do? Is it something I really need?
  2. Does something else do it better?
  3. Does something else do it almost as well, and does other things too?
  • Yes: Continue. No: Throw it away.
  • No: Continue. Yes: Throw it away.
  • Yes: Throw it away.

Decluttering the Bedroom: Tip 1

Bedrooms are home to one of the trickiest things to keep under control: your wardrobe. Use this neat trick to find out what garments you actually use.

  1. Turn all of the coat hangers so that they face in towards the back of the wardrobe.
  2. After wearing at item, replace it coat hanger facing outwards.
  3. Let a week, a month, even a year pass. It all depends on how strict you need to be.
  4. Now the only coat hangers facing inwards hold the clothes you don’t actually use, which can be safely discarded.

Decluttering the Bedroom: Tip 2

The Golden Rule still applies, but it’s not as simple as in the kitchen. You might need at least one good work outfit, for example, but it can be useful to have more. Whether you can keep these pieces will depend on what space you have at the end.

Draw up a table with a column for each use, e.g. ‘Work clothes’, ‘Summer Clothes’, ranking each item from best-suited at the top to least-suited at the bottom.

  1. Work your way up the list, throwing away as you go.
  2. Continue until you’ve downsized enough.
  3. Your wardrobe is perfectly filled with just the clothes best for the job.

Decluttering the Bathroom

Bathrooms are often smaller rooms, meaning it’s even more important to use storage effectively. So match items to their appropriate storage. If something is used daily, put it out on the counter. If it’s used weekly, then an ordinary cabinet is fine. If it’s used less than that, put it in that awkward cupboard way in up the corner.

Key to A Clutter-Free Home

No matter how cluttered, your home is mainly empty space – you just have to look for it! Hanging pots utilize little-used ceiling space and can be an attractive display, too. Spaces behind doors can be similarly unimportant and used for storage. Fit a bar across your sink cupboard to hang spray bottles from. Rearranging furniture can make a world of difference. (Use the Top Tip to get a fresh perspective). Be creative!

Organizing Your Home: Organize Yourself

It’s all too easy to let your hard work be undone and for clutter to creep back into your life, so prepare a schedule and write down when your next decluttering session will be.

If something is useable, why not see if you can find someone who wants it instead of throwing it away? You get a triple benefit: you’ve cleared it out, helped someone else, and helped the environment as well. Similarly, always see if an item can be recycled before throwing it away.

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