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How to Keep Your Clothes Smelling Amazing, Even After a Long Time!

Ditch the expensive perfume! Here’s how to keep clothes fresh and fragrant around the clock!



Have you ever wondered how to keep clothes smelling fragrant and fresh while stored in the drawers? Freshly laundered clothes can smell amazing when they first come out the wash, but can quickly lose that lovely ‘just washed’ fragrance.

Laundry that loses its sweet smell – even just after hanging to dry – is a common problem, and one that can be easily fixed.

Here’s how to keep clothes fresh and smelling amazing even after weeks of storage!

  1. Inspect your washing machine: Like any home appliance, washing machines need regular maintenance and cleaning to remove any dirt and gunk. This ensures that your machine is running as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

    If your washing machine suddenly develops a funny smell, try this:

    · Add a cup of white vinegar to an empty drum and run a hot cycle or place hot water. While the drum is air drying, wipe around the rubber seals of your washing machine with a damp cloth, looking for any hidden residue underneath.

    · Ensure you rinse excess dirt from soiled clothing before loading it into the machine.

    · Only use as much detergent as needed to prevent build-up and blockages.

    · Leave the washing machine door and detergent drawer open between loads to keep it in open air and prevent mold.

    · It also might be helpful to read your machine’s manual for instructions on how to clean and maintain it.



  2. Use a great-smelling laundry detergent:

    Most detergents have brilliant cleaning power, but not all of them make your laundry smell great too. So, just how do you keep your wardrobe smelling fresh? Use a fragrant detergent like Breeze Rose Gold Perfume! It’s a particularly useful hack if you want to keep clothes clean from musty-odor causing bacteria while smelling like a premium perfume!

  3. Add Fabric Conditioner:

    To amp up the fragrance of your clothes and give it that long-lasting fragrance, add some Fabric Conditioner. For extra fragrance, we recommend Surf Fabric Conditioner with Sun Bloom Technology for long lasting fragrance whether at home or even under the sun!

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