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How to Make Laundry Smell Good, For Good

Want to make your laundry smell beautifully fresh & clean after every wash? Read on for 3 key steps to making laundry smell good.

Updated Reading Time: 5 minutesWritten by Eunice Samson

Fragrant Laundry

There’s nothing like putting on clean clothes straight from your wardrobe – sarap talaga ng fresh ang feeling. But sometimes, you might find your clothing doesn’t always smell too good, it may even smell like kulob. Smelly laundry is a very common problem, but luckily it’s one that’s easily fixed. Here’s everything you need to know about how to make clothes always smell fresh and clean, and make smelly laundry a thing of the past.

Wash your clothes using a good quality laundry detergent and a fragrant fabric conditioner – it will leave your clothes beautifully soft, and also help to keep your clothing smelling fresh and clean. Surf Cherry Blossom Powder detergent paired with Surf Blossom Fresh Fabric Conditioner is a great choice.

Key Steps for Making Laundry Smell Good

What makes clothes smell good? Well, there’s no one single trick or magic formula for fresh smelling laundry. Keeping your clothing smelling clean and bango is about making sure first of fall that you’re using great-smelling detergents. You also need to care for your clothes and keep your washing machine nice and hygienic. Here are three simple steps to getting your clothes smelling much fresher – even after just one wash:

  1. Check Your Washing Machine

    Did you know that washing machines can become a bit smelly if you don’t clean them regularly? Dirt and bacteria can build up inside washing machines, which makes it more difficult for your detergent to give you fresh smelling laundry. The good news is that your washing machine will do all the hard work for you – just add some detergent, set the water temperature to the hottest setting, and run an empty wash cycle. All you have to do is sit back. Relax lang.

  2. Use a Great Smelling Laundry Detergent

    Many laundry detergents have fantastic cleaning power, but do they make clothes smell good? Not always. The secret to fresh smelling laundry is to use a laundry detergent that has added fabric conditioner, like Surf Fabric Conditioner, which leaves your clothes with a clean, long lasting fragrance.

  3. Care for your Clothing

    Do you ever find that you’re so busy trying to get everything done that you sometimes put your clean laundry away while it’s still a little bit damp? This could be the source of your smelly laundry. Wet clothing needs to be completely dry before hanging in aparadors or folding in drawers. If you leave it even the slightest bit wet, mold or mildew could soon form. This has a very musty smell (the dreaded kulob) that’s not very pleasant. Always try to fully dry your clothes fully after washing. Konting pasensya lang.

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If you’ve showered, applied deodorant, and moisturized using one of your favorite lotions, getting dressed into smelly clothing can be really frustrating. After all, you want clean clothes to smell clean too. Fortunately, it’s so easy to keep your clothes smelling clean and fresh with these 3 simple steps. The next time you open up your closet, there’s no need to worry – just take a deep breath in and enjoy the fantastic fresh odors. This time, the smells will definitely be sweeter.

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